Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aviator Loving

It may be cloudy and gloomy outside but I've got summer on my mind and with that, of course, will come a new pair of sunglasses!

It's been two years since I've purchased a new pair of sunglasses - I'm not particularly big on sunglasses... I like them but I rarely reach for them. Anyway, I've been meaning to get a classic aviator pair for ages. I love the metallic, reflective ones especially.

I wanted to show you some that caught my eye:

Gucci Aviators
Tom Ford Rose Gold
Ray Ban
Ray Ban Classic (reflective gold lens)

I tried the Tom Fords in person but in a silver colour and I wasn't impressed, but the rose gold option looks so beautiful online!

The Ray Bans are classic - albeit with a bit of a twist - and would probably be my safest option.

Do you own aviators? What is your favourite style?


  1. I'd love a pair of aviators but I really don't think they suit me :(

  2. I'm looking into buying a pair too!
    I saw the classic Ray Ban aviators for $99 at Costco..what a steal!
    The Rose Gold TF's look awesome..classic with a twist!

  3. these pairs are lovely!

    i do own aviators.
    i own juicy couture ones,
    you should check them out.
    i am in love with them.
    and the price point beats out
    the gucci, and all the others!

    the only ones on their website right now are these, which are a bit too light i think

    but i'm sure like bloomingdales / nordstroms / saks or wherever carries other ones.

  4. I love my ray bans! I couldn't live without a pair of them.

  5. I have two pairs of aviators and they are my favs, one is D & G the other is Valentino. The Valentinos are so light and stylish. Similar to the raybans just a little more square at the top and crystals on the rim, five, not a million.

  6. i have a pair of RayBans, but the pale silver model and they are just too pale for sunshine - but cool for spring. Would love the Tom Ford ones, but the problem seems the same as with mine. Great post though - love your blog
    A xx

  7. I love aviators!
    I'm really liking the Tom Ford Rose Gold and the Ray Bans!!

  8. I love my Mosley Tribes aviators! I found them at Oakley but I think Saks and Nordstroms has them too

  9. Hi Sandra! I have a pair of Marc Jacobs Rimless Aviators in blue. They're roughly $90, but you can find them cheaper on Amazon, etc. I love them and will definitely repurchase them should I need a new pair.

  10. Every girl has to have a pair of ray ban avators imo!

  11. I have a pair of Ray Ban Aviators, but I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be.

  12. Raybans are very flattering only if you get them in the colour most suited to you.. Ive had many compliments with mine! Downside would be it wont suit every outfit.

    Im loving those TF rose ones! Surely that can go with pretty much everything you wear. From work oufits to everything else! I say definately get them you'll prob reach for them more so. They're absolutely stunning & will suit your skin & hair colour!

  13. I would choose the ray ban ... its beautiful and I think that they do the best aviators...I don't like the designer options not so much...


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