Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lip Product Storage

I recently decided to dig through my handbags and pockets and gather all the stray lip products I had hiding around. As I was about to toss them into my plastic drawer of lip products, I was compelled to just empty it completely and try to organize it.

I had these black stackable storage compartments that I wanted to use for nail polish but the nail polish collection outgrew them, so I decided to use them for lip products instead! Here's an aerial view ;)

Decided to divide them in 3 since I had 3 of these compartments. Lip glosses, lipsticks, MAC lipsticks/lip conditioners. The containers are stackable and I got them a while ago from a hardware store, they were in the tool storage section.

You all know that over the past few months I've been working on using up products and trying to downsize and I'm very happy with what I have at the moment. I got rid of all the weird random Limited Edition MAC glosses that I used to buy just for the sake of buying from collections but they went stale and barely used over the years.

There are still a couple of lip glosses I'm trying to work through and a few lipsticks that I want to finish before I can start buying new things again, but all in all I'm very pleased with my little collection.

The next lipstick I buy will be a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine but I am telling myself I have to finish a lipstick I own and don't particularly care for (I'm aiming for MAC's Blankety) before I can buy.

What is your lip product collection like?


  1. I have almost the same boxes I got them from walmart, but I put all horizontal , with their bottom up, so I could read the names and find what color I am looking for more easily.

  2. Looks so nice and organised! I'm also trying to use up one of my lipsticks before going to get a chanel rouge coco shine, lol.

  3. Oh, this looks so nice! I think I'll try that system on my lip stash as well. Thx for the inspiration :)

  4. You still have a nice collection. I always love to see how people store their makeup.
    I just got one of the new Dior Addict lipsticks and love it. I also looked at the Chanel Coco Rouge Shine, because I love the original ones, but opted for the Dior this time, it was hard to decide on the color though, because there so many and some are very similar.

  5. That is such a good idea, I seriously need to start organizing my stuff too.

    I need to head to Walmart and grab me some boxes.

  6. Nice little collection! :)
    I am trying to reduce mine as well. No more lipsticks and glosses for me...

  7. Also trying to reduce my makeup stash, it's very very hard!
    Where did you get those drawers? Could you maybe show a full picture? they look really handy!

  8. What a beautiful and organized collection! Seems that you keep just good quality products that you are actually using, no excess junk. Thumbs up!:)

  9. I have all mine scattered around in a makeup draw. I really need to organise mine like yours ! I wud love to c more ootd posts. Love ur style!

  10. I like your collection. It's little, nice and organized. Could you show us the rest of your collection?

  11. Lovely collection! My lipstick collection is getting out of hand and outgrowing my current storage so I have to rethink the storage solution. humph.

  12. love your organisation :)
    and I love the idea of using up products that I own and buy some new, when I finished a particular product! thanks for sharing...

    greetings from germany...

  13. I am SO jealous of your collection, you have to know!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  14. I LOVE THIS SANDRA!!! This is just what I needed, I've been trying to think of a way to store all my lip products lately.


  15. I'm currently lusting after Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks *sigh*..


  16. oh i'm going through the same phase as you. gotta finish a lipstick before i can buy another.

    so far, not an easy job.


  17. i really need to reorganize my lip products too, lol. what camera do you use?


  18. these organizational boxes look great! Where did you find them?? :)


  19. Where did you buy these storage?


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