Friday, May 20, 2011

Another healthy dose of "Style-spiration"

I love fashion, I really do. I get really excited when I see pictures of outfits that inspire me, and they genuinely make me happy. Some of you know what I mean, some might think I'm crazy but hey - to each our own, right? :)

This photo made me jump up and down (until I got to the hat part, which looks like some sort of roadkill/pom pom mixture but that's just my anti-hat nature coming out to attack haha)...
It's a perfect outfit. It's sophisticated, looks comfortable, and undeniably chic.
I love the way she paired interesting bright shades (that blazer is to die for) with classic nude pumps and a loose nude blouse.

The shoes are Pigalle Platos by Christian Louboutin, and this photo might just end my on-going debate of "which Louboutins should I buy first? Should I go for Pigalle or Pigalle Plato?". Pigalles are probably the most classic Louboutins in my humble opinion, but many complain that they are uncomfortable due to their lack of platform and high arch. So not too long ago Mr. Louboutin decided to slightly cure our suffering by designing the Pigalle Plato, same classic Pigalle look and feel, but with a beautifully constructed thin platform to make walking a bit easier.

I think this would make a great birthday present for myself at the end of summer, don't you think? :)


  1. haha i really thought she just a strange hairdo until you said it was a hat! I agree entirely that she looks amazing - i wish i was brave enough to do such a combo of colours! xxx

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  2. That is a great gift go for it!

  3. yep, i definitely thought that 'hat' was a big ole fuzzy bun on top of her head!

    otherwise, i love the outfit too. super chic and looks effortless.

  4. Those Louboutins are to die for! They are the ultimate nude pump if you ask me! The small platform is just subtle enough that the shoe will always remain a classic. Uhhhhhg I love them!!!! haha If I could own only 1 pair of pumps for the rest of my life, these would be it =)

    P.S. Did I mention I love these pumps?? ;)

  5. That is gorgeous! I really love all the mixing of brights going on.

  6. I really love that outfit too! It's all about bright colors and 'color blocking' ;)

    I totally get excited and happy when I see outfits that I love. Thanks for posting.

  7. Love the shoes! Nudes and neutrals are so in right now.

  8. I totally agree! Every girl deserves a pair of Loubs ;)

    ..seriously, get 'em girl!


  9. I like this photo, trousers are in a nice colour. Not sure if I could carry this off at work though!

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