Thursday, May 26, 2011

Desperately Seeking Bracelets

I haven't purchased a new bracelet in a while and I think it's time to change that.

I love the idea of a simple flowy tank paired with some dark denim shorts or white skinny jeans, kicked up a notch with some interesting bracelets.

I've made a few little collages of affordable pieces that have caught my eye and that I will be trying to look for in person. I'm really picky about jewelry - even with cheaper brands like Forever21 or H&M - I have to see it in person, I can't just order online blindly... (unless it's one of those brands that's consistent good quality, I'm sure you know what I mean!!)

I'm jealous of you ladies in the UK who have this range readily available. There are some pieces available on ASOS but really limited selection... they have his range in Topshop too, I think, as well as some stands at various shops.
Absolutely love his pieces!

Madewell is the little sister of J. Crew. J Crew is a brand that is very consistent with the quality of their jewelry, similar to Banana Republic and Club Monaco.
I loved the two bracelets I found by Madewell and the bottom one by Club Monaco. I find gold and white paired together an absolute summer staple!

How amazing are these Mango cuffs? I am totally hunting for these next month in Germany!

Any jewelry item you're eager to get this summer??


  1. ahhh they're all so pretty!

    I'll hopefully be purchasing a sterling silver chan luu wrap bracelet as a birthday present for myself this june, can't wait!!

  2. wow, the madewell bracelets are gorgeous. check out jewelmint, they have great and affordable jewelry!

  3. i love the madewell ones! :)

  4. i want those arm candies too!


  5. all cute! I love to collect bracelets too =D

  6. The Mango cuffs are to die for!! I'm really eager to get some huge silver rings made out of hammered steel! A street vendor in San Francisco makes these gorgeous ones by hammering antique spoons and shaping them into rings

  7. I ,m in the hunt of a wide cuff bracelet in gold and a ring :) I need to try them on to see if the gold shade goes with my skin ;I agree with you I can't shop online for jewlerry online from places like F21 bc I see them online and most of the times they don't look good at stores, so I always go and check them in stores. club monaco and BR are my fav placed to get special pieces love them

  8. Lately I have gotten into making Chan Luu inspired bracelets.. super easy to make and you can do whatever color, size, etc that you want! I love them paired with my watches =)

    As far as purchasing jewelery I have been lusting over House of Harlow pieces. I just love that they can be paired with outfits to look dressy or casual... *sigh*... If only I could have them all ;)

  9. I really like them all, especially the Madewell ones! I have a store like 10 minutes away from home, I'm going to check it out :)

  10. For me, i love pearl bracelets or the chan luu ones. Or very well made silver cuffs.

  11. Oh my god! I'm in love with the two Madewell gorgeous and unique!

  12. wow i live in london and never noticed gogo philips in topshop! Need to check that out!
    And i adore those mango cuffs

  13. do they have the mango bracelets in canada?

  14. @ kath yes they do, I saw some at Mango in Toronto but I didn't have time to try anything on so I didn't purchase. Now I sadly live quite far from TO so they're not that accessible.


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