Thursday, May 5, 2011

In and Out...


- being able to leave the house without a jacket on! I missed warm weather

- Cheryl Cole is officially coming to US X-factor (I totally became addicted to the UK version of the show over the past year and I'm so happy it's coming to the US with 2 of my favourite judges)

- Macademia oil treatment... dare I say it's better than Moroccan Oil. My hair has never felt better.

- big voluminous, wavy hair. I doubt I'd ever achieve J-Lo volume levels but a girl can dream, right? She looks so much better without those longggggg raggedy extensions.

- REN Clearcalm skincare range verdict: I've really been enjoying the clay cleanser. I've been using it every other morning and it leaves my skin clean and has helped regulate my oil production. The day fluid has a nice texture and works well as an oil-free primer but it smells so bad I don't think I could ever repurchase it just on that reason alone... it makes me nauseous. The night treatment is useless. I prefer my Avene Diacneal.


- Gossip Girl. Don't get me started...

- super dry feet... anyone know of a great foot treatment/cream in preparation for summer time? That PedEgg thing looks promising yet frightening at the same time.

- not having any upcoming trips planned. This needs to change ASAP.


  1. hahahaha you and gossip girl...ive been following your twitter and I can see why :)

  2. For my feet i use a body shop range, the scrub and foot file and then the mint cream or a body butter, i found it works wonders.

  3. I've used the PedEgg thing before, feels a bit like you're grating your feet but it totally works! x

  4. yay for the x factor (although we'll miss them in the uk!)
    and for gossip girl...wth! we waited for so long for the episodes to come back and all the characters have officially become parodies of themselves :(
    leah x

  5. Dry Feet? You GOTTA try Lush's Lemony Flutter.. It's AMAZING! I apply it at night.. Put my socks on and wake up with super soft feet!

    No trip plans? You gotta start thinking of comin over here to Dubai.. You'd LOVE it and I will be sure to take you around ;)

  6. L'Occitane Foot Cream... omg, feels like heaven on your feet.

  7. I'd kill for Jlo's hair (and her skin for that matter)! I am completely addicted to Gossip Girl, I just love it whenever Ed Westwick gets to say "I'm Chuck Bass"! I agree the storylines are pretty stupid at the moment. I actually turned to my hubby the other night (who hates the show) and said "who is writing this stuff"!

  8. The Ped Egg totally works!!! And I've been rubbing organic coconut oil and putting socks on my feet at night!

  9. totally agree with all your 'outs' Gossip Girl is shocking and i need to plan a trip :/

  10. Liz Earle Foot Repair is good,
    Forget pedegg, can't understand the hype, it does nothing...

  11. The J.Lo hair is fab, I wish I could wake up with that insta-weave on a daily basis.

  12. p.s Try The body shop 'Honey and Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter'

  13. Gossip girl..ugh..can it get any dryer this season?!
    The pedegg thing works..What I do is pedegg the heck out of my feet (gross) then slather Eqyptian Magic cream or Aquaphor on them and wear those moisturizing socks or old socks you don't mind wearing anymore. You will have soft feet the next day.

  14. speaking of frightening foot treatments, saw at the asian market a japanese foot mask called baby foot. it essentially is a plastic bag, filled with fruit aha, you put over your feet. went home and checked it out online... O M G it brings exfoliating to a whole new level. i was completely grossed out but totally intrigued. still haven't decided if i'm brave enough or if i should just stick with the good ol' fashion pumice. go check it out though!!!

  15. Bath and Body Works' True Blue Spa line has a couple foot creams that are really good =]


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