Monday, May 23, 2011

In & Out (Victoria Day 2011)


- white flowy blouses, I just can't stop loving them and buying them. Summer staples!

- this little book by Victoria Beckham, a style book that is very thorough and fun to read. With nice tips and mentions all of Victoria's favourite stores (some of them quite wallet-friendly!)

I bought this months ago and forgot about it until recently. I randomly go through it every now and then and get inspired.

- Style inspiration in general. I was watching the first episode of this past season of America's Next Top Model and one of my favourite models/jewelry designers Erin Wasson was featured, and her outfit was great:

I need a long sleeved stripe top like that and I've been searching for ages for just the right amount of stripe. I wouldn't personally rock those leather thigh high boots but she looks great in them either way.

- the final season of Entourage starts soon!

- pale/nude nail polish for pedicures

- 4 more weeks until Europe


- lawnmowers. This is random but every single day I have off from work and I try to relax outside in the garden, someone is mowing their lawn nearby. For hours on end, it seems. First they use the lawn mower, then they use the edge trimmer, then the leaf blowing device... it drives me insane.

I can't think of anything else, the lawn mower noises have gotten into my brain.

Take care and happy Victoria Day to all my Canadians :) Hope you're having a lovely, relaxed day.




  1. Love these random blog entries....keep it up! And please blog from Europe....I'm sure you will be inspired by all that you see there...:))

  2. Love reading your posts like this :}
    I know how you feel about the lawnmower situation haha! Try revising outside.. I swear the neighbours do it to spite me!


  3. I know how you feel! I had a full day of lawn mowers and tree cutters! Seriously!! It's a LONG WEEKEND! Relax, people. The grass will be there tomorrow night..

  4. I totally agree with you, i HATE lawnmowers with a passion! It's like the whole neighbourhood decides to cut their lawn ONE after ANOTHER, BOTH days of the weekend! I was actually talking to someone about how I feel there should be a bylaw, yes, that's a great idea!

  5. I was just saying the other day that there should be yard work free days. Summer is noisy ;)

  6. This may be weird but I actually kinda enjoy the lawn mower sound, I can understand your annoyance though. I'm so jealous you get to go to Europe. Have fun!

  7. I have Victoria's book on my Amazon wishlist! :)

  8. yay for VB! love her and that book xx

  9. I am also obsessed with White or Cream flowy blouses for summer...Zara do some great ones and they also do them in bright colours which look gorgeous! x

  10. nice blog :)
    check out mine :)

  11. hahaha I know what you mean about lawnmowers, oh my.


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