Sunday, May 29, 2011

Relaxing Sunday... another IN & OUT post


- I've been absolutely obsessed with the scent of this candle. So obsessed that I even took an artsy, serene photo of it with my camera:

Mmm doesn't it look amazing? It's from Bath and Body Works, and it makes my room smell cozy and delicious. I'm usually not a fan of "baked goods" scents or anything like that, but there is just something different and rich about this scent!

- speaking of scents and Bath and Body Works... their new Coconut Mango stuff... *drool*
Will definitely pick up a bit of the range before I head on vacation since I can't carry my big shower gel and body scrub/lotion tubs that I have from The Body Shop. The "Carried Away" scent is great for summer too, might pick up a body mist for my stinky transatlantic plane ride ;)

- body care in general. I've been really into pampering myself recently. I never used to really bother with lotions and shower gels and things like that, but I really enjoy it now

- bonus airmiles... I'm like a crazy coupon lady, but with air miles or rewards points. I just love collecting extra points haha


- Cheryl Cole fired from US X-factor?!?!! I still hope it's just a dirty fake rumour but it seems like it's true... and I am so pissed. I love her. I think she's beautiful and charming and she always picked good songs for her X-factor people on the UK version of the show. I would have loved to see her in the US. That whole excuse about her accent being "too thick" for Americans to understand it pathetic and ridiculous... Ozzy freaking Osbourne had a hit show in the USA and no one could understand what the hell he was saying, even with subtitles!
Anyways, I'm sad and angry. End rant.


  1. That candle looks gorgeous! And the 3 wicks solves the problem of unused wax building up on the sides - very smart!

  2. They have a new scent at Bath and Body Works called Into the Wild, and right now they have a promotion where you can get a coral/yellow/ purple leopard print makeup bag with three of the mini items of that scent (lotion, shower gel and body spray) for $10! They also have the same scent in a beach bag of the same print with the full size of the three items for $34. I would recommend getting that and then taking the products minus the bag back and exchanging for scents you like because you end up getting a beach/ makeup bag for free and the products in the bag cost less than if you were to buy them separately! I did that this week on one of the ladies recommendations and it turned out to be quite a deal! Hope that helps! :D
    -Atifa (2ati3 for youtube)

  3. Can you please do a travel beauty bag video please? Would love to know what you pack for trips :)

  4. bath and body works candles are the best! I need to check that scent out...

  5. I like the Carried Away scent too, very floral~~~ I usually am not a big fan of bath & body works' scents, but I like this one =)

  6. I do agree with the comment that we'd absolutely LOVE to see what necessities you pack for the holiday :)

  7. Bath and Body Works candles are the best!!! I love when they have their sale. I try and stock up!

  8. I am soo into pampering too. a glass of wine, a face mask and a hair mask is all i need!

    that and doing my nails while catching up on my subscription box on youtube < your videos btw!

  9. Completly agree with Cheryl Cole. I think she is great too. Hope it's just a rumor. xx


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