Monday, May 16, 2011


I will be spending 5 weeks in Europe with family in just over a month and I'm already starting to gather outfit inspirations... the big theme seems to be white tops and a thin beige trench, with some funky accessory or layers. You never know what weather I'll encounter in 5 weeks of traveling.
This look is from a Shopbop lookbook and I love everything about it.
I'm on the hunt for a crisp white pair of denim shorts, and that bright cardigan is gorgeous as well.

I am a sucker for feminine and long flowy white tops combined with more rocker-chic leather leggings and ankle boots.

Love those leopard flats! I saw a pair at J Crew but I wouldn't really spend over $100 on something so trendy. But it's a fun and simple way to incorporate the animal print trend that still seems to be going strong.

Last but not least, a gorgeous black Alexander Wang dress, just for good measure.
This is from another Sandra, whose blog is always inspiring.
You bet I will be packing a versatile and sexy black dress on my travels :)

What have you been inspired by lately?
Any summer staples I should add to my list?


  1. I really like this top pic, I think that yellow is so bright and cute and perfect. Have fun on your trip


  2. love the looks! if you're looking for white shorts Garage, f21 and zara have them now. have fun on your trip :)

  3. I need to find a perfect feminine long top too hehe, i am travelling this summer and it's soooo hard to pack :/ no clue what to pick up :(

  4. great picks!
    have fun during your holiday!

  5. The Alexander Wang dress is amazing. They all stunning.

  6. Love the bright yellow top perfect for colour blocking :)

  7. Love your sense of style! it's so simple chic. I'm going to hawaii on the 9th and I'm already planning outfits too lol! Have fun on your vacay!

  8. Ooh where in Europe? Will you travel around Europe or just stay in one place ? =)

  9. I love the way the yellow is layered in the first photo!

  10. I'm totally inspired by the 'color block' trend! Also love the laid back look of boy friend jean shorts, loose top, sandals and wild beach hair (with tan! :D )

    p.s maybe you could mention that the wang outfir is from Sandra, 5 inch and up, she has other amazing clother ans shoes as well :))

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