Thursday, May 12, 2011

Under The Sea...

I am absolutely loving the beautiful marine-inspired silver jewelry pieces
that just came out in the Elizabeth and James accessory line.

While I think they are slightly overpriced (like everything else from that brand, but that's another story), the ideas are lovely and I love how they incorporated the marine theme in a subtle way.

Here are some of my favourite pieces (all images from Shopbop):

these gorgeous earrings resemble pieces of coral
and would look amazing against blonde or red hair

an anchor ring - simple and cute, but definitely not worth $85
you could easily find a more affordable piece at Forever21/Asos, etc.

this is probably my favourite piece, I've never seen anything like this
so dainty and cool at the same time

another coral-inspired piece

And since we're talking about coral, I am also on the hunt for the perfect bright coral/orange dress for this summer season. I'd even settle for a loose silky tank top in the colour... would look amazing paired with a white or nude skirt.
I love the shape and style of this dress, by the brand Future Classics - a cool English brand that I have been admiring from afar - they are quite pricy, but beautiful nonetheless.

See? It's not always about turquoise and navy when talking about the sea.

What inspires you this summer?


  1. I cannot wait to find a coral summer dress either! I love your style and finds, always so edgy yet simple! The little bracelet is cool and sassy.

  2. the elizabeth and james pieces look sooo similar to marc by marc jacobs coral pieces!

  3. I love coral inspired jewelry. There is a coral inspired disney couture little mermaid necklace that I am in love with. They are just so unique!

  4. Love the bracelet! So cute.

  5. I am on the haunt for the perfect coral dress too! The bracelet is cute and funny!

  6. I really like the coral ring!

  7. the dress is amazing and I love the jewelry especially the earings.

  8. Hi Sandra, remember when you were looking for coral nail polish, and you were considering California Coral? well I owe that polish and I found this picture in the internet, and since the swatches of the polish in google images are very not true to color I tough of linking the image so you can have a better idea of how it looks. Its not the same one, this is "Mark & Spencer" Plastic Pink, but it is exactly the same as Essie california coral.

  9. ahh i love silver jewellery :)
    looks great with a tan


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