Thursday, June 9, 2011

Body Lotion Loving

I never used to moisturize my body.
I know, I know... it's a cardinal sin... but to be honest I just wouldn't bother in the past.
Starting over the past winter, however, I decided to make a change and start being a proper lady and moisturize my body on a daily basis.

At the moment I'm down to these three lotions:

Satsuma Puree & Mango Whip by The Body Shop
Sugar Lychee by Fresh

The Fresh lotion is almost double the price of the Body Shop ones. The Fresh lotion I have at the moment is from a holiday set, but the regular 300 mL bottles retail for $22.50. The Body Shop lotions are $12 for 250mL and are sometimes on "buy one get one free" special.

Texture-wise, these lotions are almost identical.
From a moisturizing point of view, the Mango one is geared towards very dry skins so it does feel a hint more emollient when applied.
The Fresh lotion also contains mango seed oil to quench dry skins.
The Satsuma lotion has the most appealing scent (to me, anyway. I loved the Fresh Sugar Lychee line at first but the scent became rather overpowering and sicky sweet after everyday use).

All three smell great and absorb effortlessly into the skin.
The Fresh lotion does feel slightly more luxurious and leaves a lasting and beautiful sheen on the skin. I also find that I need to use a smaller amount of this than the others, but the price is a bit of a turn-off.
Another difference, for those who care, is paraben content. Fresh lotions are 100% paraben free while The Body Shop lotions contain at least 2 different types of parabens.

The verdict?

There isn't really one. I like all three, but perhaps will stick to the Satsuma Puree as a daily moisturizer and maybe try out a different scented Fresh lotion as a treat for when my skin needs a bit of an extra "pick me up".

I haven't been a fan of Bath and Body Works lotions and body butters, but they do have a couple of new scents that I am interested in, so perhaps I'll give them a whirl soon.

What are your favourite body lotions?


  1. I looove the Body Shop Satsuma products, they smell SO amazing! I am more of a vanilla girl myself though, so I stay away from most citrus scents.

  2. Satsuma smells great but I also love olive body butter from the body shop as i dont really like very strong scent of lotions when use perfumes. And really want to try their new body butters dwo in one:) I dont really know what parabens do to the skin... Really like your blog:)

  3. of course I'm interested in the parabens!!! I love your reviews especially this kind of! I love body lotion but I never found a good one under any point of view: price, without bad things that doesn't leave the skin breathe, without carcinogen and that absorb quickly...I even be ready to sacrifice the lacking of perfume but for now I haven't found my fav so there are most of the time that I skip this step in my routine :-( I LOVE if you share in the future the found of a very GOOD one also under the point of view of the ingredient also thank to your experience I think, resulting your studies!! Bye!

  4. Yikes... I don't moisturize my body, just my face/neck and hands. Well, I do my knees and elbows too... but I guess I should start doing everything. *shameful nod*

    But I love B&B's stuff. I use their Shea Butter lotion at the moment.

  5. I recently scoured The Body Shops Body Butter and lotion section for paraben free products. I found a few:
    Sweet Lemon BB
    Coconut BB
    Coconut Milk body lotion
    Sweet Lemon body lotion.
    I also emailed them pleading for them to go paraben free and received an email back about how they are responsible in their formulations...blah, blah, blah!

  6. Satsuma is one of my favs of al time!! I love the whole line :)

  7. They all look yummy and moisturising.

    I quite like MooGoo body moisturisers, and I also make my own shea butter body lotions.

  8. Have you tried fruits and passions body butters? They smell gorgeous (sometimes Body Shop butters smell a bit synthetic to me), and they're very moisturising too. I recomend the Avocado, Moringa or Monoi Oil body butter.

  9. Satsuma is one of my favorite things ever from The Body Shop. I can never get enough of that smell. The Satsuma body butter is also quite nice. They even make a little mini size that is too cute for words, plus it's also practical to take around with you instead of the regular size enormous tub.


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