Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In & Out... blaaaah

It's my day off, it's ugly outside and I'm cranky... looks like the perfect recipe for an "in & out" post!


- the salted caramel candle I've got burning right now

- tumblr, been really enjoying it lately and the link to mine is here

- speaking of tumblr... the accounts that post food pictures are so good! it inspired me to bust out my DSLR during dinner the other night (cue raised eyebrows from parents)

mmm mustard-encrusted grilled chicken

- by this time next week I'll be in Munich, Germany :)

- have I mentioned how good that candle smells?

- Geordie Shore... this TV show is such a hot mess! I can always rely on the UK for quality entertainment.

- iced caramel lattes


- packing. I'm seriously horrified at the idea of packing for 5 weeks away and trying to procrastinate as much as possible.

- running on 4 hours of sleep for NO reason. Why on Earth was I up until 4 am last night?

- I can't even think of more outs, I'm that tired.


  1. Oooh Munich, my home town (though not at the moment)! Have fun and say hi to the city for me ;-) Love Geordie Shore, they make the Jersey Shore guys look like Saints!

  2. have fun in munich! where do you watch geordie shore? i live in the UK but always miss it and can't find it online!

  3. Have you watched Made in Chelsea? It's apparently the main competition for The Only Way is Essex, and I actually really like it! :)

  4. 4am?! that a normal time for bed! lol. at like past 12 im usually on tumblr. time flies by when im on that thing!

    Cotton2 <3

  5. I'm planning my own trip to Germany (likely Berlin) for Christmas! Do keep an eye out for any fun beauty things =)

  6. i live very close to munich a really beautyful city and lots of shopping opportunities

  7. Oh, Munich!!!! I'm so jealous, I love that city (actually, I love all of Germany.) How on earth do you get five weeks of from work? Do you get paid for all of it? I only get a measly five paid days off a year...

  8. @ Elizabeth haha paid? yeah right, I wish! I have a part time job (I am a student full time) so we don't get any sort of holiday pay but I can book off however much I need.
    Most of my time will be spent with my grandparents and other family :)

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