Thursday, June 2, 2011

In & Out (June Edition!)


- new blog post EVERY DAY for the entire month of June. I'm on such a blog post kick at the moment and I hope you enjoy :)

- my NARS Laguna is literally on its last leg... and this makes me excited because this means I get to buy a new bronzer soon haha. (I'm either going to get Dior Matte Bronzer in #2 or Chanel Bronze Universel De Chanel Soleil blah blah blah whatever they call it now).

- trying to go as paraben and sulfate-free as I can. I'm not going to give up on all time favourites if I can't find a worthy replacement, but I am making a conscious effort to look for products without parabens or sulfates. This is proving quite difficult to do with skincare items.
I'm not an "all natural" fanatic or anything but I do like to stay on top of things and to read up on various ingredients, and if I can find a more natural option that works for me just as well as a chemically-infused one, then why not :)

- H&M sunglasses! Cheap and lovely. Sometimes they hit the spot when we can't splurge on a designer pair.

- pretzels & Nutella... together... don't knock it 'til you try it!

- Chanel Makeup Fall 2011. I literally want everything. Those gel eyeshadows... drool.


- seeing way too many pretty things lately, and trying to be good and save for vacation spending money... sigh


- Kim Kardashian


  1. Love that you post frequently I always enjoy a good read:) I got 20$ off card from the bay so this week I'm going to get the channel solei de tan bronzer thing ,I ran out of mine 2 months ago and was kinda looking for something else but gave up ..going to get that one again :) this weekend there is a clarins warehouse sale here so exciting for that... I saw channel fall 2011 and I was thinking ohhh I need( read want) them all.. so not good pocket wise ..I was wondering when was kim kardishian was in and why she is out now lol ?!?!
    have a great month of june

  2. love these in and out posts, simple but straight to the point! :)

  3. The Chanel Fall 2011 is amazing, i also want the entire Collection.
    Love Your Blog and your Style!
    Greetings from Germany

  4. Haha, I like how you don't even have to explain the Kardashian one. Couldn't agree more! And I love finishing off a product, it feels so good for some reason! Maybe because if I HAD to finish everything I own I would never have to buy make-up again? x

  5. Love your blog so it's great you posting everyday :) Have you had chance to try the Laura Mercier mineral powder yet? I want it so bad! x

  6. I totally agree with the Chanel Fall collection! I feel like my wallet is going to get a hard blow. But its just sooo pweeeeeeetty!
    As for bronzer, i have the Chanel one I looove it! it makes my skin look super smooth! But the Dior one does look pretty good! BUT Chanel will last your whole life :)

  7. I love Evan Healy face products if you're looking for skincare that's more natural. It keeps my skin super clear. Her range is small but great. I get mine at whole foods. =) Glad winter is out also. xx

  8. mmm pretzels and nutella? you're my kind of girl!

    I also have a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate going on right now at my blog if you're interested!

  9. Kim Kardashian. hahahaha. I AGREE. Out!

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