Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lady Sings The Blues

I couldn't help it. It's only half way through the year and we already made it to nailpolish #4 out of the 5 I'm allowing myself... but hey I'm still trying to be good... I did give away/sell/throw out about 10 polishes so I deserve a treat (lame justification haha).

Anyways, here it is in all its glory - Deborah Lippmann's "Lady Sings The Blues".
Leave it to Deborah Lippmann's stunning offering to turn even the most glitter-hating girl like myself fall for this incredible deep blue shade.

It's like an underwater party in a bottle. It goes completely opaque in two coats. A rich, deep navy jelly with hexagonal and small tiny glitter particles suspended within. The application is lovely and the hexagons, when coated with the blue, look like sequins on the nails.

It's a beautiful shade and will most definitely be a go-to pedicure colour for me this summer. Looks great on the fingers as well for a night out.
I bought mine at Nordstrom and it wasn't cheap (DL polishes retail at $16 for regular shades, $18 for the glitters) but to a nailpolish addict like myself it was absolutely justified.

It's the little things that make us happy :)

PS: In Canada, I know Holt Renfrew carries these nail polishes as well, not sure where else though!

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend


  1. I tried to do the polishout 2011 and failed miserably. This look stunning. It makes me think of the ocean. Next on my "to purchase" list.

  2. That looks like an amazing polish. I wish you had a full pic of your nails in the post as the polish sounds like a dream.

  3. Have you tried Boom Boom Pow by Deborah Lippmann? It is so gorgeous. Looks like Tinkerbell has left gold dust over your nails.

  4. ooooh, what a pretty colour! :) x

  5. You can get the Deborah Lippman nail polishes at Murale too :)

  6. I know that they carry this line at Murale (the high end store for Shoppers Drug Mart). If you don't have one near you Murale will ship you products with no shipping charge.

  7. Lovely shade! =0


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  8. I tried to do the polishout 2011, I allowed myself 12 nail polishes for this year, however I have already failed in March.You are doing very well Sandra. :)

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