Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Past Week (in iPhone photos)

I see this done on a few blogs here and there and I love reading/looking at these types of posts so why not try one myself?

Here's an amateur collage of photos taken from my iPhone that summarize how I spent my free time over the past week:

- cocktails with friends :)
- amazing snacks (pretzels and Nutella - you have to try!)
- loving Liz Earle cleanse & polish
- perfect weather, laying outside, BBQing and reading with my family
- I pride myself whenever I can successfully make an omelette
- getting reacquainted with Chanel Black Pearl

How is your summer spare time being spent?

Also, what are some of your favourite summer songs? I've been listening to a lot of Arcade Fire and Avicii lately - two completely different realms, but both enjoyable. I'm just sick of hearing Pitbull on the radio and am in need of some new summer jams! Feel free to contribute!


  1. I love Arcade Fire too! Although I've been really into Bloc Party lately. I must try that snack, pretzels and nutella sound yummy.

  2. I really like these kind of posts as I'm really nosey and like to see what people have been up to haha!


  3. Adele - Rumor Has It
    Diddy (Dirty Money) Feat. Mary J.Blidge - Someone To Love Me (Remix)***

  4. Diddy (Dirty Money) Feat. Mary J Blidge - Someone To Love Me (Remix)
    Adele - Rumor Has It

  5. What a cool idea. I'll have to try this.

  6. ooh nutella...okay, now i have a craving for it. i have been listening to OceanLab pretty much non-stop...with some Tiesto and then Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly when I am feeling emo :) haha

  7. Yummm! I think anything is good with Nutella haha.

  8. i just got the craving for nutella and pretzels - no.thanks.to.you!!!!

    and for new music i've been loving Foster the People!

    xoxo. cristiannnna

  9. I love Arcade Fire as well. I love the pool/beach in the summer and just staying outside in general. Lovely post. :)

  10. I looove pretzels and Nutella together. Salty and sweet is my favorite combination of contrasting flavors.

    As far as summer music goes...well, let's just say I'm still listenening to the same stuff I've been listening to for the past 10-15 years! 90's alternative, 80's pop...I just can't get enough of the past. And there's nothing like blasting some Billy Idol with the windows down on a warm, summer day (or any day , for that matter).

  11. first of all the pretzels and nutella combo is out of this world because it combines two of my favourite snack foods of all time and second can I ask where you get your Liz Earle products? thanks

  12. hey chick! love thes eblogs, when i get my new iphone *YES* am going to do tonnes of these. Music wise hmmm..... have you listend much to the fleet foxes, some crazy but cool music is this band called sleighbells LOVE THEM. At the mo I have been on the old skool Jay Z and Kanye! ooooh yes. oh and you like dance? try + by justice- best album EVER it got me through the london marathon! xxxxx

  13. thanks for the recs everyone :) have added some things to my playlist already!!


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