Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sila Convertible Eye Color - Teak

I bought this product completely by accident last year when I intended on buying a black stila eye kajal (not really sure how in my daze I managed to pick a completely different product up, but I assume it was placed in the spot where the Stila Onlyx Kajal was supposed to be and I just blindly bought it and took it home)...

Anyways, I ended up with Stila Convertible Eye Color in Teak, and it's been one of my go-to products whenever I'm feeling extremely lazy and in need of a quick fix.
It's essentially a brown eyeliner and a bronze-gold eyeshadow in one convenient little pencil:

It comes apart at all the seams to reveal the eyeliner pencil end, a rubbery smudge tip, and a sponge-tipped applicator end that is dipped into a loose eyeshadow compartment:

I don't use the smudge tip too often, but these two ends work like a dream:

I love to just wear this product by itself, with a brighter colour on the waterline - today I am wearing it with GOSH Bananas eyeliner pencil:

All in all, very pleasantly surprised by this, I've had it for over a year now I think and always go through phases where I will wear only this on my eyes - if I'm in a rush getting ready for work or if I'm headed to school.

I am glad I came across this product and definitely recommend them if you are feeling the need to switch up your eyeliner :)


  1. Could you recommend some Le Metier eye shadows to me? I have to order them online, and I have the same taste in makeup as you have.

  2. Love the color of the shadow. Is the eyeliner side as soft as the stila kajal pencils? Those tend to smudge on me and get all over the place.

  3. Oh, that's a really pretty/nifty effect. :)

  4. Teak looks very nice! I have the Violet, Stone and Slate and they are all lovely, wearable everyday colors. If I'm going on a trip I'll take these plus a mascara my Urban Decay 24/7 shadow pencil in Sin (light pink shimmer) to use as a base. That way I have several complete eye looks to choose from - and no brushes, no leakages, and nothing that can break!

  5. I love them. I also have 2 or 3 of them :) They are great.

  6. I remember getting one of these a while ago. It was a grey and I thought it was the best thing ever. I always thought the shadow part was really pretty. Looks good on you...I do love a clean/liner eye! x

  7. I love this, Im so glad that Stila are coming back to the UK, I'll keep my eye out for this as the colours are really nice!

    Beth x


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