Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Style-spiration, another healthy dose

How beautiful is this outfit?
My style crush on Olivia Palermo is back in high swing...
I have a blazer very similar to this, now I must hunt for a similar maxi dress that won't break the bank. The Tibi one that she wears here is $363 (and can be found online), but that's a bit steep on a trendy piece.
Nevertheless, the animal print belt is so cute too, add a simple gold cuff and perfection!

I'm going to stalk out Zara/H&M/Mango in Germany next week and try to pull a similar outfit :) I just haven't found ANY simple, neutral maxi dresses where I live, they're either unflattering on me or in crazy patterns or they're too short...

That's about it for me today,
I love getting new style inspiration!


  1. Love your blog! You've really inspired me to take another look at my makeup!

    I have to agree with you that Olivia's outfit looks really cute. I say that because I used to watch "The City" and I was a huge Whitney fan. ;)

    OT question: do you have the Urban Decay Naked palette? I'd love to see what you do with it!

  2. I have the same dress in black and gray :) got it last year from winners . now I want this color. I need to start my hunting ;) have a great vacation Sandra

  3. Mango def has a couple of dresses very similar!I saw them myself in Milan about 3 weeks ago.

    Hope you find what you are looking for!

  4. @Charlotte No i don't have the Naked palette! I find that I have enough eyeshadows (by mac or nars) that are very similar so I can't really justify that palette :)

  5. There;s a Zara one extremely similar to it - however, it was completely see-through when I tried it on (and also cost $200!), but maybe if you can get it lined?

  6. I just found your blog and I love it!!! I love your style and you are very inspiring!

  7. I was walking past Suzy Shier in First Canadian Place today and they had a dress exactly like this and same colour hanging in front with a tonne of other maxi dresses - check it out!

  8. Olivia Palermo is such a classy girl, I love the way she dresses. Don't know if I like her so much as a person after seeing her in the city, but who knows whats real in these shows!

    Racing Heart Blog


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