Monday, June 27, 2011

Today's purchases

It finally stopped raining here in Sibiu so I took full advantage and took a stroll downtown.

It was a beautiful day, slightly cloudy but sunny and a breeze... was lovely catching up with an old friend, browsing through some shops (have my eye on a cute dress and some rings!!!) and settling down for some coffee on a patio overlooking the city center.

Amongst all that good stuff I managed to get my hands on a few essentials:

1. a Romanian sim card (silly to blog about but necessary nonetheless)
2. Bioderma (I didn't want to lug my big 500mL bottle with me and was happy to find it at a pharmacy here... cheaper than what it costs in Canada)
3. Vicky Normaderm Pro Mat (because my skin has been Greasefest 2011)

I have high hopes for that Vichy product, I've had loads of recommendations for their Normaderm range so we'll see how it goes.

Hope you're having a lovely monday :)


  1. I recently started using Bioderma... I feel like it's a bit overpriced. It does the job though haha

  2. I'm addicted to bioderma! I'm curious though how vichy normaderm works :)

  3. Oh I love love LOVE that Bioderma makeup remover! It's the best ehat I've tried so far in my whole life. I'm very curious about thet vichy stuff, I have bad feelings when it comes to Vichy, I had some bad experiences with their products, especially the Normaderm range. My fav mattifying cream is also from Bioderma, the Sebium range. But I hope that this will work for You!

  4. Would love to try that Bioderma product but it's not available here gahh :/ Enjoy your trip!


  5. Sandra, please let us know how the Vichy face/lotion worked out for you. I tried this summer alone Clinique, Clarins and Nuxe ( all for oily skin, claiming to give a matte effect) and I still look like a freaking grease ball after three for hours...I'm loosing hope. Lots of love and I hope you enjoy your vacation!!! xoxo :)

  6. i just bought normaderm again as finished up the daily moisturiser so so good, also juts bought pro matte too, its good! xz

  7. Hi sandra,
    hope you're enjoying your vacation time :) I use Normaderm line for a couple of years now, the cleanser for me is just the best one I ever tried and the face cream really works on controlling the oil an stuff but if your skin is little on the dry side it may be too much. is Biotherma really cheaper there compared to canada !?have a great rest of vacation xo

  8. I used Vicky Normaderm Pro Mat and I absolutely loved it. I will definitely repurchase it, especially now in the summer. I hope it will work for you too, I would enjoy to see an update about it after you use it for a week or two.

  9. that vichy pro mat keeps giving me little bumps on my forehead it's clogging my pores like crazy :(
    but normal v. normaderm is absolutely amazing. it leaves your skin clean and matt at the same time :)

  10. forget about Bioderma or Vichy, just try amazing Lapte Doina ;-). You'll get it at cheap rates at Farmacia 24

  11. I love the Vichy normaderm products. The night cream is a life saver - I highly recommend it for oily skin! The spot corrector is also wonderful!


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