Friday, July 29, 2011

Shellac & Shampoo

Just some new things I have been experimenting with lately -
the first one is shellac, a manicure that has been getting a ton of hype over the past year or so. I finally decided to give it a go because I was craving a simple natural yet durable nail.
My nails are quite thin and brittle, and I do not get professional manicures often (I get them once year, I'd say) so a bit of pampering was long overdue.

I got a nice neutral soft pink shade of CND Shellac, here is the result:

I love the fact that my nails feel quite strong and also love the fact that I didn't have to wait for them to dry (since they're cured by UV light).
So far so good! Will definitely keep you posted as I get more wear out of them.

Another thing is a short and mediocre review of some new shampoo and conditioner that I have been using from the Schwartzkopf "Seah" line - the japanese cherry set that is geared towards colour-treated hair.

Their website is filled with fluff about how this line is the only line that makes your hair feel like you've had a luxurious spa treatment *raises eyebrow*... I'm not sure what that means, but I can tell you what I thought about them after using the products over the past 5 weeks in which I have been away:

Pros: smells nice, pretty bottles, leaves hair soft
Cons: expensive (the travel sized shampoo and conditioner cost $11 EACH at the beauty supply shop where I found them), contains sulfates and parabens, does absolutely nothing that a cheaper brand of shampoo and conditioner doesn't do (i.e. L'Oreal EverPure line for volume, which is sulfate free!)

Anyways, that's about all the new stuff I can think of for now... I'm still in the process of unpacking but expect some new videos from me very soon :)


  1. I thought about getting the Shellac nails, but I like to paint my nails way too often, and I realized it probably wouldn't do me any good! I went with acrylics (I know, they ruin your nails), but I love them so far and that's all that matters :)

    xoxo! -Macy

  2. that's the perfect pink shade! i love it

  3. Wow, your nails are near perfect. It's beautiful:)

  4. The pink polish is gorgeous! I just took my shellac color off the other day, it lasted almost three weeks without chipping. Definitely worth the extra money you put into it!

  5. Gorgeous colour. I love Shellac manicures, they last for ages and there's no risk of smudging them five minutes after leaving the salon. x

  6. thanks for the reviews! won't be trying the hair products but I want to try the shellac nails. your nails look so gorgeous!

  7. Love this pretty! I really to try shellac x

  8. I have thin nail too, the grow kind of fast, but brakes all the time. I think I have to try the shellac nails. I have never heard of it before, so I have to check if they are made here.

    I'm new in the blogging world and would really appreciate if you took the time and checked my blog out. Please tell me if there is something I can do better or change. I would be really grateful.

    XO Astrid

  9. I'm obsessed with the shellac nails!! I get them done every month. I love how they have a variety of colors to choose from as well.

    Yours looks great! :)

  10. what colour was that?
    is it Romantique? :) xxx

  11. Love this colour. It really cool colour one.

    Shellac nails


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