Sunday, August 21, 2011

Breakfast of Champions?

Strange topic to write about since this is predominantly a beauty blog but hey - it's my blog and I can blog how I want to. This morning while eating my breakfast I was enjoying it so much that I took a picture and decided to tell you about it.

I get asked quite often to do a diet/fitness video on YouTube and while that is probably never going to be done (I am no professional by any means, I just try to keep active as much as I can and eat healthy... "everything in moderation" is my motto, I suppose).

Anyways, here is what I have for breakfast on a regular basis:

A "DIY" mix of cereal, if you will.
I purchased organic granola mix from the grocery store (the bulk seed section), added some whole grain cereal (mine was also bought from that bulk seed section of my grocery store, they sell them pre-packaged as well in the cereal aisle), some walnuts and a sliced banana!
Add about half a cup of almond milk and we are done...

Sometimes I add dried cranberries instead of banana, or throw in some flax seeds as well.

Never skip breakfast, although it's so easy to just be lazy and push the snooze button in the morning - I'm guilty of it too sometimes - having a nutritious breakfast daily can make a huge difference. When I have more time I opt for an omelette or salad with boiled eggs... but that's another story!

What are your favourite breakfast foods?


  1. This looks delicious! I prefer any kind of cereal with dried fruit in it. Unfortunately that's usually the most expensive kind so I more often opt for a granola bar and some coffee. Great post! :)

  2. I'm a skipper! This looks so tasty though, I may need to go out and get some nice breakfast treats in.

  3. your breakfast sounds delicious.
    I usually have 1-2 bolied eggs and sandwich with sliced cucumber for breakfast if I´m in hurry. And if I have more time then I do scrambled eggs with tomato and cucumber salad.

  4. I have almost every morning yogurt mixed with oatmeal crisp almond cereal (favorite for over 10 years) with some de-thawed berries. I find this mixture very filling. If I want something warm I go for oatmeal. I love eggs but I wont eat breakfast if it takes more then 2 minutes to make, so I leave eggs for lunch.

  5. yummm this sounds & looks delish!

  6. Very healthy, i'll be sure to try this! :)

  7. Looks super yummy! I do a veggie/fruit/green tea smoothie every morning and it is what wakes me up - couldn't imagine living without it!

    I also love hard-boiled eggs :)

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  8. That looks delicious! I just wish banana's where's $12.99 a kilo right now :(

  9. Holland and Barrett sells 'Breakfast Sprinkle' which is basically seeds and dried fruit, sooo good!
    I've posted a recipe/ review of an 80 calorie noodle dish on my tumblr, take a look and follow if you're interested :) xx


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