Saturday, August 20, 2011

face of the day (and week, pretty much)

Here's what I've been putting on my face religiously for the past week or two (albeit a few changes in cheek products - sometimes I opted for bronzer).

Simple, ultimate "lazy girl" makeup for weeks filled with work and errands.

1. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - this is like the gift that keeps on giving, I've had it for almost a year and use it regularly and I'm dying to use it up because I want to try something new.

2. Laura Mericer Full Blown Volume mascara - a Sephora sample
2.5 we can't have mascara without eyelash curlers!

3. Stila Convertible Eye Colour in Teak - so easy! I have a blog post dedicated to this multitasking little pencil.

4. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - I only like using this in the summer, does absolutely nothing for oil control but feels incredibly lightweight and makes the skin look very polished

5. MAC Mineralize blush in "Earth to Earth" - this was sadly limited edition and is the only mineral blush by MAC that I own... one of my favourites though.

And here is the medley of the items on my face:

I just have a clear lip balm on my lips (the EOS one that I think is extremely over-hyped), trying to grow out my eyebrows and patiently waiting for fall so I can dye my hair darker.

Lazy girl makeup for the win!


  1. Beautiful!

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  3. that blush looks great on you!

  4. Very pretty!! I wanna try the armani foundation

  5. love this look and your blog I'm addicted!

  6. Good choices! And they look great as well!

  7. This product combo does look gorgeously natural on you. Very subtle but I love it, and I too agree, the EOS balms are far too over-hyped! Great post!

  8. i have been so lazy lately too! the giorgio looks super good on your skin. what foundation do you want to buy next?

  9. very pretty outcome. I like this look a lot!

  10. I love the no eye makeup look you got going on! You look great :)

  11. what do you think of that foundation? i havent made up my mind on a repurchase... but You look amazing!


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