Friday, August 12, 2011

In and Out, extremely annoyed edition


- not too many INs, I'm afraid... however I have been enjoying drinking copious amounts of mineral water (S. Pellegrino FTW) as of late

- I've also been getting regular manicures to get my healthy nail kick starting since they were a mess for the past year. After 2 weeks of Shellac my nails were nice and strong and longer. I got it removed today since I do like to change it up with colours from my collection, and opted for Deborah Lippmann Girls Just Want To Have fun - a bright pink coral that stole my heart at the beginning of summer. It's the slightly pink sister of OPI Cajun Shrimp, which leans more on the orange coral side.

- damn it, I got sucked into the Jersey Shore whirlpool for yet another season. I've been loving Big Brother as well, but if Rachel keeps lurking around I may have a nervous breakdown.

- using up products... expect a video to come on that soon, if my computer decides to co-operate.


- something went wrong when I installed my new operating system (OS X Lion, which is performing like a dying cat rather than a ferocious feline) because every time I try to record a video in iMovie, the sound and video get increasingly out of sync as the video progresses. No bueno.

- Canadian Chanel counters are extremely slow at putting out merchandise. I'm sick of stalking the counter every week to still find a half-empty display of Summer 2011.

- MAC's new collections. Zero interest. I do need to get Patina eyeshadow sometime soon though.

- eyeliner! I have yet to use eyeliner this month... crazy, eh?


  1. I get so much joy out of finishing products. Doesn't happen too much though lol.

  2. YES, you need patina in your life; it is GORGEOUS!

  3. I've just gotten really into mineral water too! I've been buy the whole foods brand because it's cheaper and comes in big packs. Such a refreshing and healthier alternative to soda!

  4. i want patina too. and i have mostly been forgoing eyeliner funny. just an extra step i dont feel like taking

  5. i want patina too. and i have mostly been forgoing eyeliner funny. just an extra step i dont feel like taking

  6. I've been super underwhelmed by MAC's collections too (which I guess is a blessing in disguise for my wallet!)

    btw-patina is one of my all-time favorite shadows. I haven't met anyone yet who has tried it and hasn't absolutely loved it!

  7. I freaking love Pellegrino. I could drink it all day and all night but I heard it causes bloating, so I try to stay away from it during swimsuit season!


  8. I love Patina, it's lovely! I haven't even bothered looking at any new MAC collections.. :/

  9. love san pel! i refuse to update my macbook now that you have had nothing but problems. mine is almost 3 and i'm just too paranoid now!

  10. Agreed with both MAC yawn and Chanel slow-ness here in Canada. My Chanel counter got the fall 2011 last Thursday though. I'm in Ottawa...I picked up Peridot and Graphite nail polishes

  11. The Chanel counter at Bloor has the Fall 2011 Collection, i got a few pieces on Friday. They didn't have a display out yet though, I guess they were going through the "wait list" first...check with them though. Best, Lisa

  12. I am rubbish at drinking water - must.try.harder!!!

    I also need patina - saw it in person and have lusted it ever since. Such a classy colour.

  13. oh, jersey shore is so addicting! i have a huge heart for vinny and pauly d... ♥

  14. Ugh I am sad to hear that MAC isn't impressive right now. I was going to venture into the city this weekend to see what I could find.

  15. I have to agree with you, most of MACs new collections have been so uninteresting to me. I haven't bought anything from any of them in a long time.



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