Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Disappointment 101

The time has come to finally sit back and evaluate my healthy deodorant experience.

After years of sticking to what I knew I decided, in my quest for becoming more paraben free, to try switching up my deodorant and opt for a more natural alternative --- sidenote, I did try that natural clear crystal deodorant thing before and wasn't a fan.

This is Lavanila's Vanilla Coconut "Healthy Deodorant Stick. It is found at Sephora, it costs a whopping $18, it contains no chemicals - specifically aluminum and parabens which some scientists believe are related to breast cancer but you can read more about it here - and it contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients.

The packaging is beautiful and sturdy. It is a solid white stick. It smells great. I chose Vanilla Coconut but a few other kinds are available as well. 
Now, that's about all I can say... deodorant performance-wise, this product was (and continues to be) AWFUL:
- it stains my clothes... every time
- it feels wet and greasy when applied
- it crumples and settles into the lines of the armpit after a few hours and you can SEE it, it's gross
- has zero sweat control capabilities (which I can understand since it's a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, but it honestly makes it feel like I am sweating even more because it's so "moisturizing" and greasy feeling)

In conclusion, I am going to use this up since it's on its last leg but I am never repurchasing this crap again. $18 deodorant that stains my clothes and feels absolutely disgusting within a mere 2 hours? No thank you...
I've heard some good things about The Body Shop deodorants so I may give those a whirl.

Have you ever deviated from your trusty deodorant (mine was Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea) and what was your experience?


  1. Wow there are so many things that went wrong with this deodorant for you. I'm on my second stick right now and haven't experienced any staining at all. It does feel a little too moisturizing/wet in the beginning but in my case dries up within a few minutes. Besides that I had no problems with it. My issue with it is the price factor, $18 is too much for a deodorant. I've also tried TBS roll on ones and those are just too 'wet', kind of disgusting actually! There are some other healthy deodorant alternatives at Whole Foods by the way.

  2. I've tried that "mineral" deodorant from The Body Shop and can pretty much say the same thing as you've said about this one. The only difference being it didn't stay my clothes. I've noticed that if it's a deodorant then the performance is much worse than that of antiperspirant. I'm afraid we got used to these chemicals so much that "natural", or more "human friendly" stuff just doesn't work.:/

  3. ciao bella, since i just used my deodorant, i might as well tell you i find it fantastic, and i am pretty fossy about deodorant, just so you know :)
    it does not have any perfume, which for me is a big plus, it does its job very well and it does not stain at all.
    now, the down side is that i don't know if you can find it in canada, since it is an italian brand, but anyways it is DERMA FRESH Roll-on, the pink one (it comes in different shades), and it can be found in pharmacies.
    hope it helps! let me know if you try it, i'd love to know what you think! x

  4. What a shocker, TiffanyD swears by this stuff so it's interesting to hear the other side! :)

    I swear by the BodyShop DeoDry - it's environmentally friendly as the roller ball one you can rebuy cartridges and it has no salts so it doesn't turn white. I'm on my 3rd cartridge :)

  5. I've been looking for a clean deodorant too. Sucks that the Lavanila one didn't work out! :( If you're on the market for another one, I've heard really amazing things from a lt of natural beauty bloggers I follow about Soapwalla's deodorant cream.

  6. If you decide to try the Body Shop version I'd love to hear how it goes. I'm allergic to the alluminum in deodorants so have a really hard time finding something I don't react to. I had high hopes for this one~

  7. I like the Toms original deodorant. They work for me. Ive been using it now for about a year, and i love it.

    i get the unscented, and i like the clean smell.

  8. I tried the crystal deodorant and wasn't impressed either, I think I'll just stick to Mitchum.

  9. I am really carefull when it comes to deodorant buying..I prefer Natural Lines deodorant..its fine with me..
    follow each other?

  10. I'm always having this issue! I am always trying to live the healthiest lifestyle possible, but my deodorant is the one thing that I can't switch from (even though it's one of the most un-safe...) Glad to know not to try this one now - thanks for sharing!


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  11. Interesting! This was next on my to-buy list, but I think I'll have to give it a little more thought. I'm trying to be more paraben-free as well--a lot tougher than I though considering nearly ALL products have parabens. The good thing is that going in a paraben-free direction has curbed my makeup spending immensely. Thank you for the review xx

  12. Try the pink one by The Body Shop. They started to carry it at Sephora, also. It's $5!!

  13. I've been using "all natural" deodorants for about ten years. They will never ever cut it in terms of keeping you smelling good. However, I did recently discover from Dr. Weil's newsletter, that spritzing the armpits with rubbing alcohol totally cuts out any odor at all. I've been using rubbing alcohol with Lush's Teo and Coconut dusting powder. Really like these. I have an entire blog post on this if you are interested. I didn't want to spam though with my blog.

  14. ohh, I can relate because
    the exact same thing happened to me! I've been using the Dove Go Fresh for what seems like forever now and it's my HG deodorant (I've tried so many, you wouldn't believe it). but after reading those wonderful reviews about the Lavanila I thought I'd give it a try.. mostly because I'm reacting badly to parabens - the area under my arm hurts and there's like a raised bump whenever I use something with Methylparaben in it, like the LUSH bathbombs or Nivea deodorants. but the Vanilla Coconut stuff did NOTHING whatsoever! I really wanted to love it but nope, there's just no way. it felt greasy, it stained my clothes and I felt sweaty and smelly which practically never happened to me before. wow, what a disappointment - and after that high price I paid, yuckkkk. I honestly don't now what all the hype is about.

  15. i agree. i absolutely hate this thing. i've heard amazing things and it's a complete failure to me. i own 3 and all suck. never again will i buy it. For me it makes me smell bad, the odor is worse than not wearing nothing at all. it doesn't live up to it's claim ''24 hours'' at all! - i wanted so badly to like this but i will be returning all 3 to sephora, for 18$ you'd this would perform well, such a bummer .. i don't want to keep something if it does not work. Another thing is that i kept trying it thinking it will somehow magically change and be effective, boy was i wrong lol. Worst deodorant ever!! everything u listed was so true i experienced all of that

  16. I find none of the "mineral" or crystal based ones works on me too. The ones that work really well for me are roll-ons based on aloe vera, with essential oils added. I use Australian Biologika which I always repurchase, and the Miessence ones work just as well too. Not sure what brand would have anything like these ones in Canada, I'm in Australia. But worth looking into!

  17. Nivea came out with their pure and natural deodorant that is aluminum and paraban free! Its truly wonderful. It smells great and it has long staying power. I wouldnt say it keeps you from sweating but its much better then the Lavanila overpriced crap.
    Check it out...they have it at shoppers and rexall.

  18. I swear by Lush's Coconut Deodorant Powder. Maybe NOT the best for tank tops as it makes your arms looks ashy. But it's a lovely light scent. What I like best about it is it doesn't inhibit you from sweating (which is unhealthy) but helps absorb the wetness and with the baking soda neutralizes any nasty odors. Unless someone is sticking their nose directly into your armpit while you're sweating (and why would they be doing that) all people will smell is a light, coconut-y scent :]
    It's also fairly inexpensive!

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  20. Try only putting it on going in one direction only. And try the Vanilla Lavender instead. This should solve your problem with this deo. Hopefully.


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