Friday, October 28, 2011

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Review

Alright, so this is the new baby in Chanel's foundation family and it is the replacement of Pro Lumiere (a foundation that I previously owned and wasn't over the moon about since I was too oily for it).
I bought Perfection Lumiere without even sampling it before, the lady slapped about 4 different shades on me in order to match me - B30 if you ask - and I happily trotted out of the store.
I got this in the USA last month at Saks Fifth Avenue, I don't think it is released in Canada yet. It costs $55 which is the standard Chanel foundation pricing.

Now let's get to it:

Packaging is beautiful - classic Chanel in a glass bottle and with a pump that tends to clog a bit in the same way that Mat Lumiere foundation does.

What's inside:

one pump of Chanel Perfection Lumiere in B30
This is what it looks like applied on the skin, with nothing else on - no concealer no powder:

coverage from 2 pumps
I found it quite difficult to apply (you can see some streaking around my forehead/temples where I tend to have drier skin). You have to work one small area at a time since it sets so quickly. I found that a classic flat foundation brush (like a MAC 190) is the best way to apply it in order to get an even finish.

The finish is a satin-matte finish. The coverage is light-medium. It evens out skin tone but if you have any scarring or pigmentation, like I do, it will show through.

It's a very "oily skin friendly" foundation. However, if you have ANY dry patches it's going to make them look awful. I definitely do not recommend this if you have dry skin - unless you moisturize and use a primer beforehand in order to provide a good base. Even I need some sort of primer before this in order to get it to look right - I use La Roche Posay Effaclar K as a foundation primer.

It photographs very well - here is the final product once I added in concealer (Bobbi Brown "Natural"), bronzer (Dior Sunshine) and blush (MAC Redhead MSF):

without flash
with flash


- extended colour range, way better than previous Chanel Foundation colour selection
- great for normal-oily skin, doesn't require any powder to set and lasts up to 6-8 hours on me without touch-ups
- natural satin-matte finish
- light medium coverage (which you could build up but I prefer to just use concealer on any areas of concern)
- doesn't break me out
- photographs well
- doesn't feel as heavy on the skin as Chanel Mat Lumiere or Pro Lumiere


- terrible on any patches of dry skin
- hard to blend, takes a bit more work in order to get it to look right
- very heavily scented - smells like Chanel's Hydramax skincare line which smells nice for skincare but not as a lingering scent of foundation
- pump tends to clog
- dries down almost an entire shade darker than when you first swatch it on the skin, so be careful when choosing the right shade

In conclusion, I don't hate this foundation yet I'm not amazed by it either. To be honest I was more vowed by Vitalumiere Aqua which I really loved except for the fact that it broke me out so I never bought the full size.
I think that it's a nice foundation and t will probably work very well for me as a night-time summer foundation because it has a good lasting power on oily skin without feeling heavy (which was my major CON with Chanel Mat Lumiere).

If you are a fan of Mat Lumiere, you should definitely give this one a go!


  1. Thanks for this, such a brilliant review! I love my Prolumiere and Vitalumiere and was considering investing but my skin is very dry and I'm definitely not after a foundation that emphasises dry patches. Great review, thanks :)

  2. I've been craving to try this foundation, and I'm so sorry to hear it's bad for dry skins, i had so many expectations for the Pro lumiere substitute. Thank god I stoked some when it was still on counters.
    I'll give it a go anyways though, being disappointed by Chanel may be therapeutic for my wallet :) Oh, it's going to take forever for this foundation to be avaiable in europe :(

  3. Looks great on you! But by the sounds of it, I won't be trying it, at least not in the winter. My skin gets super dry. Perhaps it would make a good summer foundation for me when my skin isn't as dry.

  4. You look so pretty...those cheekbones! *Faint* ...That's too bad about the dry spots though..I am combination so I have the lovely dry spots and oily spots. May I ask where you buy your effaclar k? I think I might want to try this!

  5. Your skin looks beautiful!!! perfect!! Now I have the feeling that I have to try it as soon as possible!!!! I can't spend more money on makeup until Christmas, though. (I have just bought barescentuals matt).
    Sandra, have you tried MAC matchmaster foundation??

  6. thank you for the review. I've been curious about this and as it hasn't launched in Canada, I haven't got to try it yet.

    I guess I'll stick to my two HG's then: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and Lancome Teint Miracle. Btw, if you liked the VA but it broke you out, you should try the Lancome Teint Miracle, I may like it even more than the VA :)

  7. wow doesnt seem as good as i thought it would, and i have Dry skin as well! great haha

    Awesome Post!!

  8. you look absolutely gorgeous!

    and I must say, I really love your reviews. you give us your honest opinion, get to the point and don't talk around too much, I like that :)

  9. Thanks for the review Sandra~!! I have dry skin and I guess I should stay away from this foundation then..=S Especially with the dry, cold Winter here in Canada..><

  10. I need a new foundation soon (not happy with my MAC foundation but trying to finish it up) so I've been really interested in reading foundation reviews. Unfortunately my skin is on the dry side (esp. in winter) so this foundation seems like it would not work for me. Thanks for the review!

  11. love the blog!!

    im a blogger myself in need of followers, anyone interested:


  12. I think it looks great on you! Thanks for the review!

  13. God i hate the way chanel pumps clog then squirt all over your clothes. I wish they would do something about that!

  14. ciao bella, just finished reading, and I absolutely are with you. I do love the way it photographs, but can't make my mind up about it as a foundation i might use throughout the winter.. my forehead get sooo dry, even if I use a rich moisturizer underneath (Bioderma SensiBio).
    Oh well, time will tell I guess!

    You look great with darker hair, by the way!
    (and I love the way you use your hand to explain things in your videos! everybody says I do it too - I guess it is a romanian-italian "thing" ! :)
    baci! x

  15. pour plus sur beauté voir:

  16. Wish I had lovely skin like you.

    Jealous !x

  17. Hi! I bought this foundation couple of weeks ago and I really like it alot :D

  18. thank you! that helps alot. (please make a blockpost about every make up or nail purchase -if you have time.. -that would be great! and other purchases aswell!

  19. it looks gorgeous on you! im finding the best primer that will go well with this foundation. Kindly suggest me a good primer that will work well with the chanel perfection lumiere. I highly need it! Thanksss!

    love your blog! hope u follow me as well. ;)



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