Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Outfit and Makeup... and lack of title creativity

Today has been one of those days in which I have wanted to throw my laptop out the window numerous times. Even opening a PDF file results in the "rainbow wheel of doom".

Anyways, when I wasn't cursing at inanimate objects, I did manage to somehow photograph myself stepping out into a beautiful fall day wearing some new pieces I had purchased for the season as well as my new foundation (Chanel Perfection Lumiere - don't know how I feel about it yet).

My scarf is from Zara and it has these cute tassels on the corners. The animal print-ish top is from Forever 21, the jeans are 7 for all Mankind (the style is Gwenevere or something like that), flats are by Lanvin and belt from J. Crew. No jewelry aside from simple silver stud earrings. I also didn't carry a handbag because I just haven't been carrying stuff with me lately other than my wallet, phone & keys.

The makeup:
Face - Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation in B30, Tarte Exposed blush
Eyes - Benefit Where There's Smoke eyeshadow all over the lid, Chanel Taupe Grise eyeshadow in the crease, MAC Feline eyeliner, MUFE Smoky Lash mascara, Stila Topaz eyeliner on waterline
Lips - Catrice Nude Rose lipliner, MAC Oyster Girl lipgloss

Now off to catch up on Gossip Girl - I finished the first episode of the fifth season and is it just me or is their acting even worse than before? Why does Rufus look younger than his son? Am I supposed to really believe the Blair marriage with child storyline? How many cougars will Nate sleep with in his lifetime?
So many questions, so little time!

xoxo (haha)

- S


  1. Love your style and makeup here :)

  2. Lovely pictures - you look so gorgeous - I especially love your lipcolour.

    I went out and bought Tarte Exposed and the MAC 109 brush this weekend - after your Twitter far am loving both so thanks for the rec!

    I have 2 episodes of gossip girl to catch up on tonight :-)

  3. hahaha I agree with you on Gossip Girl! so much sleeping around and unbelievable scenarios and yet i'm addicted xppp

  4. Great look - you are so pretty!!!

  5. ciao bella! i have just bought Chanel Perfection Lumiere as well - do you find it a bit too powdery too?
    i've had to change my moisutizer to give my skin some life back!
    on the other hand, vitalumiere was making my skin way too greasy, so we'll see how it goes..

    lovely outfit, as usual!
    baci! x

  6. You look lovely, I love a bit of animal print! x

  7. Lovely photos. You look so beautiful :)

  8. You are really classy!!!love your style!

  9. Love the scarf, looks super sute with the tassles! Those scarves with tassles are all over the place this fall :).

  10. LOL! So glad you started watching GG. I agree, acting seems off. And all the story lines are confusing me this season. I am VERY annoyed by the whole Princess Blair thing and getting married and the baby story and Serena working and Nate doing nothing...its all crazy dumb! They don't go to college anymore? None of them? They all dropped out or is it still supposed to be summer break? Guess we'll have to keep watching to find out!!!
    Rant over...

  11. Hahah, rainbow of doom won't leave me alone either! Agreed- GG story line is a bit of a joke, yet I'm still watching?!!

    Love the outfit- I can't get enough of animal print.

  12. Lovely as always, Sandra :) envious of your killer cheekbones. Can you please do a review of the Chanel perfection lumiere foundation?

  13. You look so chic!

  14. Did you recently get the top for forever21?

  15. @ Katie - I ordered it online back in September


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