Wednesday, October 26, 2011

IN and OUT


- Gossip Girl. I rant about this show like no other but finally after almost catching up to the season (just finished episode 4) I really do like it so far. Dare I say Dan is one of my favourite characters at the moment which I never thought I'd say. Charlie/Ivey/whatever her name is can fall into a deep ditch and never come out.

- Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes. This is my first year trying them and it's the only think I've ordered all season. I order mine tall with soy and no whip :)

- Really loving makeup-looks such as the one I found on a See by Chloe lookbook. Leighton Meester has been wearing a similar look on Gossip Girl this season that I adore, sometimes kicked up with a matte bright lipstick. Love!!

simple, no fuss, polished and beautiful!
- the makeup buying ban is over on Monday, I've used up 6 products *does happy dance* and since I totally ran out of mascara an emergency purchase of Prestige My Blackest Lashes had to be made (50% off at Rexall on all mascaras right now meaning I got it for $4.50, wooohoo).

- doing my first ever little swap with Vivianna, whose channel and blog I LOVE and you need to check out. She lives in the UK and she's so beautiful and fun to watch. I'm excited to do a bit of shopping for her :)

- I'm getting that itch to switch my skincare up a bit... it's in an annoying "combination" state right now. Super dry and flaky nose due to being sick for so long, and oily on the cheeks. Skincare will always be my ultimate obsession.

- NUXE lip balm.

- Currently reading: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein


- not enough time in a day!


  1. Hope you enjoy The Art of Racing in the Rain. I bought it after making my mom promise it wouldn't make me cry; I SOBBED through the last 10 or so pages. The next day I was in rough shape.

  2. I love these In and Out posts of yours. Today's Out is so true!
    My skin got a little bit dry around the forehead and nose recently but I've started to use the Avene Soothing Moisture Mask and I think, that has really helped.

  3. Really love this look! Gorgeous!
    XO Carrie

  4. Dan is one of my faves as well but Chuck's storyline is quiet interesting as well. N how can you refuse whip on your lattee?

    Check out my blog:

  5. I can't wait to do some shopping for you too! I have even written a little list ;) x

  6. Pumpkin spice lattes are my favourite too! They are the perfect seasonal drink. I'm very excited to see what you and Vivianna swap! I love her blog as well and was so excited to hear she won a Cosmo blog award!
    x Lauren

  7. I LOVE the Starbucks Pumpkin Latte! :) So delicious on a cool and crisp autumn day. mmm.

  8. Beautiful look, great post :)
    Bella xo

  9. Very stylish!

  10. I'm so glad your buying ban is almost over! Have fun when you're done on Monday!

  11. Starbucks pumpkin lattes are a fall season must have. :)


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