Saturday, October 15, 2011

So close, yet so far...

Remember my coloured denim post here?
The red jeans and simple striped top, in particular...

Well, today I came so close, here I am reporting live from an American Eagle changing room! I haven't stepped into this store in ages but I was pleasantly surprised to see EXACTLY what I was looking for, hanging from the shelves... and on sale, cha ching!
I quickly went in the room and changed but something just wasn't right :(

Don't you just hate that? The tops were only left in size XL, which doesn't look too bad in the picture but it was just SO long and the sleeves were just a bit awkward.
The jeans I was exactly in between sizes. One size was too tight - muffin top tight - and the size I have on in the photo was saggy in the back.

I'm sad... but I guess that the hunt continues!!

Hope your shopping ventures this week were more successful than mine, my makeup/skincare buying ban is still going strong!




  1. Have you tried BDG @ urbanoutfitters? I'm pretty sure I saw a red version of the ones I got!

  2. @alpha blonde I don't have an urban outfitters that close to me so I haven't checked there in a long time!

  3. I've been on the hunt for the perfect striped long sleeve shirt! Seems like such a simple piece and a staple, but I can't find one that I really like!

  4. i hate when that happens that something perfect is on sale but it isn´t in my size :( or when the pants just don´t fit :(

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  6. Hey Sandra! Ok, for the jeans try I know, I know..."A teeny-bopper website?!?!" But seriously, I bought four pairs of colored jeans from them 2 years ago, including a red pair, and they are awesome. They are not skinny jeans, but more of a straight leg skinny. The style is called "Morgan". They have lots of stretch so a 1 would probably work for you. I <3 them. They are super bright, and don't lose their color after multiple washes (in cold water, of course!)
    I think you would live them!
    Oh and they do have a super skinny style called "Taylor" that come in colors too, but fair warning that they fit extremely small.
    I hope you'll try them! :)

  7. Oh, forgot to mention that I got the lip gloss pink colored ones and they are actually red! ;)
    And if you're interested, I also got the royal blue, teal, and purple ones and they are all divine! I wore my purple ones last night.
    And they're even if you were desperate for skinnies, you could buy these and get them taken in at the bottoms! 
    And they ship to Canada.
    Sorry for the long comments, I just really wanted to tell you about them!

  8. Love this combination, it's a shame the fit wasn't right for you.

  9. right after i saw that post i was able to pick up one of those shirts in my size from american eagle, i hate when that happens with the fit :/ but i hope the search ends well :)

  10. Have you tried the J Brand jeans? I know they're a little bit pricy, but the fit is amazing (at least for me)!

  11. I hate it when that happens...nothing more disappointing than looking forward to new clothes and the sizes dont fit :(

  12. Great red pants!! Love em!
    Bella xo

  13. try j. crew! they always have tops like this and right now they have some great tomato red skinnies!

  14. I love this outfit it looks fab on you.


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