Friday, November 4, 2011


So November can mean many things to many different people; today I heard on the radio that it's "peanut butter appreciation month" (I would really like to know who comes up with these things).
Of course it is also known as "MOvember" - for the men who grow moustaches throughout the month to promote awareness and raise money for men's health issues such as prostate cancer, etc. Some guys are just idiots and use it as an excuse to flaunt a handlebar moustache without having a clue what it's for but anyway, for me I decided to make this BLOGVEMBER - I am going to grace your feeds with a new blog post each day, and at least once a week I will post one of my favourite go-to eyeshadow combinations.
On November 1st I started by showing you one of my staple warm brown eyeshadow looks. Today I am taking it back to my ultimate love zone... the taupe colours.
Taupes just never fail me, and they take over my eyeshadow collection. Taupes are my weakness.
In today's look I combined two of my favourite eyeshadows ever and jazzed my usual boring smudged black kohl liner/black waterline with a thick wing and a bright under-eye.

Products Used:

Eyes: Urban Decay primer potion, MAC Style Snob eyeshadow (LE) all over the lid, Chanel Taupe Grise eyeshadw in the crease and outer corner, Shu Uemura painting liner in black on upper eyelid, Stila Topaz eyeliner on waterline, Makeup Forever Smoky Lash mascara

Kept it super simple on the rest of the face with some Dior HydraLife tinted moisturizer (shade 1), Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Powder (shade 125) to set, Giorgio Armani Master Corrector (shade 1) under the eyes, Tarte Exposed blush, and MAC Feelin' Good lip conditioner.

Off to work now! Hope you had a great week and great start to the month.




  1. Gorge, too bad Style Snob is LE!


  2. Love your makeup in these pictures. I need more MAC shadows in my 15 palette (I only have 4 so far). Maybe I'll pick up these shades.

  3. Oops. Just realized the MAC shadow is limited edition. Guess I won't be picking it up for my palette. Oh well...

  4. Ohhh so excited for blogvember! You look gorgeous as always.

    BTW when reading your blog via bloglovin it won't let me comment for some reason (won't load). I have to click out of bloglovin to do so, just thought I'd let you know in case other people have this problem :) xx

  5. I wish I could do eyeliner like that!! Looking forward to all the posts this month:)

  6. Hi Sandra

    Your skin is amazing! xx

  7. I am LOVING the under-eye corrector on you! it looks so natural but defs does the trick!
    Also i thought of you when i came across these two photos of stacked braclets and cuffs lol! (Theyre not mine.

  8. Super pretty Look! Makes your eyes glow :).

  9. Looks great! Glad that you will be blogging every day, I will be sure to check! :)

  10. Beautiful !

  11. Beautiful !

  12. pretty eyes! do you like chanels powder? im looking for a good setting/oil control powder!

  13. I second the 'your skin is amazing' comment. I too have oily skin and am trying to get it under control. Would love it to look like yours! And as always I am blown away by your bone structure, really really beautiful.

    I'm a lover of all things taupe and neutral as well. You just can't go wrong.

  14. gorgeous! love your make-up here.

  15. lovely lovely look and nice colors :) i dont have any MAC or urban decay but i will try copying using drugstore brands :) thanku :)

  16. You look lovely! Eyes look wonderful, so simple but beautiful
    Love Abi xxxx

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