Friday, November 11, 2011

Feelin' Feline

Tigers, cheetahs, leopards, oh my!
Animal print has always been in and out of style but it seems like every fall/winter season it just creeps right back up into our hearts - well maybe not into your heart  but, if done well, it certainly makes it into mine :)

I've seen it done right and oh so wrong in many different situations. I personally enjoy the leopard print with larger spots the most:

my scarf is from Winners - found it last year and the brand is "Betmar"
While my scarf has certainly kept me warm and happy this season, I was on one of my many Internet crusades today when I stumbled upon these warm brown versions of the print, more like their feline counterparts! They definitely have me drooling. So I thought it was only right that I share:

YSL Clutch - may be a bit too much for some but I picture it with a long sleeved black dress, black ankle boots and red lipstick and it's oh so right :) 
Leopard AND Skulls, love - by Alexander McQueen

Hope you enjoyed today's drooling session.
Happy Friday!!




  1. I love animal prints! I just picked up a leopard print top and I can't wait to wear it. Love your picks.

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  3. I'm not into animal prints, but your scarf and the YSl Clutch are amazing. I just can't imagine myself wearing them :p xx

  4. YSL clutch looks fabulous! I love animal prints!

  5. ooooo i LOVE the ysl clutch!!!
    im not really an animal print fan, i don't know why i just think of cougar haha! but i think a few statement pieces like a ring or a clutch or a scarf can really finish an outfit!! xx

  6. Scarf twins! I love it! I got mine about a year ago too, so they might not carry it anymore. But I'm surprised they don't have something similar in the store? Who can resist animal print! :)

  7. i love your scarf! everyone has been trying to jack me for my leopard fur coat lately, so i guess people still dig animal prints around here :P

  8. I have been following you on YouTube and your blog for awhile now. I love your are such an inspiration!


  9. I love leopard prints! I have a blazer in that print and I just adore it! But I would like a scarf too. Its more versatile!


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