Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not in the mood

I hate packing for short trips.
It always makes me really irritated and I end up being in a bad mood during and after. Case in point my poor attempt at packing for my weekend trip to Toronto this weekend.
For longer trips, 2 weeks+  I always seem to wing it just fine, but the weekend trips always leave me dissatisfied.
Closet bursting with clothes yet I always have a hard time... and what do I end up doing? Reach for the same 5-6 items that I know are foolproof, which is nice and all but I end up looking the same every time I'm supposed to enjoy all these special new places. Leather leggings? Check. That one gray loose muscle T-shirt that I've worn so much it has holes in it? Check. Black blazer? Check... you get the point. This only means one thing - that I need to do some serious closet cleaning. It's also not helping that it's borderline winter outside and I always find it near impossible to look chic when every time the wind blows my eye starts twitching and/or watering.

Anyway one small thing that I am happy with, however, is fitting all my jewelry, belt, skincare, brushes and makeup into my cute cosmetic organizer.

For skincare I brought Liz Earle cleanse and polish cleanser and cloth. Skincare - a little sample of La Roche Posay Effaclar M and Effaclar K. A quad I made of MAC shadows including Charcoal Brown which I use for my eyebrows, Brule, Wedge and Print... all rather matte shades to go with the 2 "shimmery" shadows I brought for nights out: Le Metier De Beaute "Corinthian" and Armani Eyes To Kill Intense #15. Shu Uemura gel liner, a primer, Dior bronzer, 1 blush and shock horror it's not Tarte Exposed... it's NARS Mounia. Foundation (Bourjois Healthy Mix serum), concealer (Laura Mercier secret camouflage) and powder (Chanel Mat Lumiere)... all we need is a little mascara and brow gel!

It's still overkill but I'd rather be safe than sorry. In the summer I'm a lot better but in Fall/Winter I am so indecisive it hurts!

Hope your weekend is going well :)

Are you a better packer than I am? I hope so.


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  2. I'm a terrible packer. I usually can't leave something behind and end up wearing or using half of what I packed. I'm not much better at packing makeup/beauty stuff, although I bring an eyeshadow palette so I'm not taking individuals.

  3. I think you packed just the right amount of makeup! Restraint is key but not always possible :)

  4. I'm definitely not a better packer, I can take a whole suitcase with me for only a week end!
    Enjoy your short break in Toronto :)

  5. Oh Sandra, I am so happy that you blog everyday :). You are my favorite blogger to read. And to watch. I absolutely adore your personality and honesty and that you always communicate with your subscribers.

  6. Ah, forgot to ask - what model is your cosmetic organizer? I went to the website and was lost in variety of choices. But I do really like yours, so please can you tell what model you own. Thanks so much in advance!

  7. Aw. Well- even though you don't ever seem to really enjoy the trips- I hope this one is better than usual!

  8. Hey sandra
    Welcome to Toronto :) ...its been seriously windy here past couple of days so hopefully you have packed something for that. I totally understand your packing dilemma as i travel a lot. I guess a trick I have learnt overtime is to make sure i pack my makeup/skin/hair/jewelry ahead of time (since i tend to get carried away with them), that way i can really focus on deciding on the right clothes for the occasion/weather etc. Also to include only those products that i reach for daily, that way its a no- brainer and i wont be stuck with a palette i haven't even figured out a look for! Please do a review of Bourjois healthy mix foundation. what a lengthy comment that's y i hardly post.

  9. I can be a bit of an overpacker. It's those "just in case" items that tend to sneak their way in. I find that reminding myself to keep it basic helps :)

  10. I'm away for the weekend too! It was such a pain to pack because you don't know what outfits you'll need! I had a lot of travelling so I could only bring a small bag (to save myself the pain of carrying things around) so I had to make the painful decision of leaving half of my makeup :P your cosmetic organiser is so cute! I recently threw my old one out so i'm on the hunt for a new one :) great post! have a good weekend :) xxxx

  11. @steppebreathe mine is the medium organizer insert! hope you see this comment! xo


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