Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pocket Tee love

From a shopping perspective, my trip to Toronto was very tame. I picked up one of the perfumes I mentioned in an earlier post - Tom Ford Violet Blonde and I am in love. A sexy sophisticated fragrance that perfect for a cold winter afternoon. It's a beautiful floral scent.

Now, what better purchase to make along with a complex sexy fragrance than the simplest of wardrobe staples: a pocket tee!

I treated myself with another T by Alexander Wang t-shirt. The other ones I have are the "muscle" model, this is the "classic" tee with pocket and I love it, in the colour Aubergine. You can find it online here :)

I also fell in love with a Canada Goose coat but that's another $625 story that I will not be starting at this moment. Toronto seems to be obsessed with Canada Goose coats. I thought they were so stupid until I tried The Chosen One on at Intermix. Don't knock it til you try it, they say, and they're right. Apologies for my doubts, CG.

Anyways, back to the T-shirt!

I thought the aubergine colour would be a nice subtle change from the grey/black/white and perfect for fall. I bought my first T by AW shirt back in 2009 and it's still just as soft and as flattering as when I first bought it. I've since worn it to bed, I've worn it with jeans, with shorts, leggings, with bandage skirts and blazers, cardigans - you name it! I like spending more on wardrobe staples such as these that I always feel great in.

I also put it on to show you how it looks! They have a loose fit. My other ones with shorter/no sleeves are S but I got this one in XS because I wanted a tighter fit around the arms:

obligatory mirror pose... yep I need a tripod
It's also long enough to be legging-approved! Yay!

Any wardrobe items you don't mind investing in?




  1. I don't "invest" often, but I don't mind investing in an item if it will last a long time (a good handbag, shoes).

  2. I'm currently saving up for my first (and probably the only one) pair of Louboutins! Still haven't decide whaich model to choose from.
    thanks for sharing XO

  3. Great pocket tee, love that colour on you! My brother really wants a Canada Goose coat... everytime I talk to him he reminds me Christmas is coming and he needs to be kept warm... aka coat. LOL
    Love your blog! Follow back :)
    Bella xo

  4. That color is gorgeous. I have been wanting to pick up a few of these. I don't mind investing in a nice blazer or leather jacket, a great pair of jeans, black flats etc... For me if I find something that really looks good and I love it I don't mind spending a bit more money on it. I won't spend a lot of money on trendy pieces but for classics that I know I will get a lot of use out of it is fine. I am going for quality rather than quantity these days.

  5. I like to save up for investing in my wardrobe (not that I do so very often as I have had other things to save for instead). I think you get what you pay for so to pay a little bit more in basics, so you have greater quality tees, jeans, shoes, bags is the best thing to do. My Gran always used to say 'you buy cheap, you buy dear', if you spend less on an item, you end up spending more as you have to keep replacing it. xx

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  7. I love Alexander Wang Tees, for how much I wear mine it is def. worth it. Just bought a Canada Goose Jacket for my Boyfriend's trip to Russia...I'll tell him how much I spent after he comes back. lol

  8. Must try the Tom Ford Violet soon, sounds beautiful.

  9. I invest in jeans or jeggings as I wear them pretty much everyday, also a nice winter coat. I've picked up a few alexander wang T's on the outnet for a lot cheaper, keep an eye out! x

  10. Super cute!
    And I am incredibly frugal! I can't invest. It hurts my soul. ;) I bought Toms and thought I was going to die they were so expensive {And they are not even that bad...} I tend to stick to my thrifts and vintage stores... but still- I am not going to lie and say I have NEVER EVER invested... I have... but not very often.

  11. I love pocket tees, and this one looks amazing! Investment pieces are good as long as they're classic and you know you'll be getting a lot of wear out of them.

  12. Love this, I've just bought a couple of similar t shirts by Kain. I'd definitely rather pay a bit for something which is better quality and will last longer.

  13. That T-shirt really does look amazing on you! Always wondered if it was worth the price!

  14. wow $75 for a plain v-neck tee! That's crazy.

  15. @Justine I know - I just don't mind spending on something that I love and get so much wear out of though. in the end it works out for me :)

  16. Since it's rayon does it shrink in the wash? Cuz anything made from rayon always shrinks on me after the first wash..?

  17. @RoseEllina I always wash them in cold water and hang them to dry and they don't shrink at all! xo

  18. What do you think of the quality of those tees? I want to invest in one but apparently the quality is not super good. Looks great though!

  19. @ CC - I love them, which is why I keep buying them haha... I got my first one 3 years ago and have worn it SO many times and it's still in fantastic condition. Maybe people aren't satisfied with them because they don't take proper care of them. I wash them in cold water and never put them in the dryer, I hang them to dry. that way they will stay true to color/fit throughout the months :)


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