Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Wishlist (in my dreams...)

I saw that Tali just did this on her beauty blog and I thought it was such a cute idea! With the holiday season upon us I thought it was fun to share a little dreamy luxe Christmas wishlist with you all.
*takes deep breath*
Here I go:

1. J Crew Cashmere Sweatshirt - a modern spin on the classic crew neck cashmere sweater, with a little "sweatshirt" design. J Crew uses 100% italian cashmere (whatever that means), and their sweaters always come in a myriad of beautiful shades. Since I'm a Neutral Nancy, I picked this warm golden camel colour for winter. You can find them online here (and they offer $9.95 flat rate shipping to Canada which is nice, customs and duty are also included so you don't get any surprises from the mail man when he comes knocking on your door).

2. Lanvin cut-out wedges - the wedge heel is literally cut out. They are so badass, imagine them with a simple fitted black long sleeve mini dress!! I stumbled upon them on one of the many shoe porn blogs I follow (I have a problem, I know); and considering how much I paid for my pair of Lanvin flats, I don't even want to know how much these cost.

3. Red zip-around Continental Wallet by Balenciaga - I briefly mentioned my wallet woes in a previous post; my wallet was stolen in October and I've been mourning its loss. The Balenciaga wallets are chic and come in so many different colours, I also love the hardware options - different metal finishes and sizes of the studs. I have a weird fixation with red wallets as of late, hence my option.

4. Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer - I blame this on Tali (again!!), Laura, Tanya and Millie from Made in Chelsea. They all have been raving about this product this past year and since I'm a newly converted tinted moisturizer junkie, this baby is next on the list. The price tag is slightly tear-inducing, though. You can find it online here.

5. Smythe Cape - this one makes me suffer. I saw this cape on the shelf at Holt Renfrew in Toronto last month and I fell in love. Smythe is a really cool Canadian clothing company focusing on jackets and outerwear. They have some stunning well-tailored pieces. Everything is made in Canada (unlike Mackage, another Canadian outerwear company that I previously liked who now manufactures in China and still charges you your firstborn for a coat. Hey, I care about these things!) and while the price points are high, I can assure you that the quality in impeccable. Sadly this cape is out of stock online but Shopbop does carry Smythe and I'm eyeing the site constantly since I am in dire need of a GOOD new coat this season. My Guess trench coat from '08 is barely hangin' on.

6. Christian Louboutin Daffodil platforms - also known as... hooves...? When these first came on the market and started being spotted on all sorts of famous feet from Victoria Beckham to Kim "She Who Shall  Not Be Named", I absolutely hated them. I even tried them on once at Saks just for kicks (not literally, I couldn't even stand up) and just kind of laughed them off. I don't know what happened because I kind of liked them now. And by "kind of", I mean "really really". Ridiculous price point for something so impossible to wear often without a chauffeur at my disposal but hey, it's my dream wishlist after all :) If you'd like your very own pair of sexy hooves this season, Barney's has some in stock here.

7. Rose gold watch - been wanting a rose gold watch for a while and this option is perfect. I like the price point and the fact that the rose gold is a slightly darker, smokier shade. Link!

So that's about it for me... these are the items giving me heart palpitations as of late.
What's on your dream Holiday list this year?


  1. dream from years ago, still going strong: black Hermes Birkin - will never be mine, but hey!
    also, I had MK watch this year on my list, and Santa already called that he got it,so,score! besides, I'm dying to get Chantecaille Just Skin also! And some Tom Ford Smoke Red lipstick,which I doubt will ever wear. Some J Brand jeans and R.Minkoff purse.

  2. On my dream wishlist is a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. They are pink patent leather pumps. They are gorgeous and so girly.

  3. I looove those Lanvin shoes too and I like everything Balenciaga :)

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  5. Hey Sandra,

    I really enjoy your blog!
    I love the Christmas wishlist btw,
    check mine out!

  6. Those Lanvin cut-out wedges are just divine. im totally inlove!

    Wish i could afford them.

    great post!

    you have a great taste!

    Charmaine - fashon/beauty blogger

  7. Both of those pairs of shoes are GORGEOUS!Great choices!I hope you will get everything you wished for...:)

  8. Ooohh that Balenciaga wallet is gorgeous! I just bought Modalu's Pippa wallet, that'd be fine for a student like me (for now!) :p

    Tali's blog link doesn't work by the way, I'd like to know her blog's link, I'm curious! Thanks :)

  9. those Lanvin cut-out wedges are amaaaazing! i love this post! i posted something similar to this on my blog as well... hope you check it out :)

  10. My goodness - if ever there was a product that need to try it's Chantecaille's Just Skin. You will love it. Use a kabuki, blend it in and fall in love :) haha so dramatic over a frigging tinted moisturiser :) Great wishlist. Love it all - especially the CL's, wallet and watch!

  11. Drool worthy wish list. The shoes are ridiculous. By the way, due to your bad influence, I picked up the Clarins Lip Perfector. Obsessed. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  12. I, myself, love to create "in my dreams" wishlists.. it pushes me to work harder fulfill some of them. Love the red wallet.. I'm a sucker for red accessories as well!

  13. Now you've got me lusting over those Lanvin shoes!

  14. I could quite happily take all of the above but if had to narrow it down, the cape and the chantcaille just skin. I so want the foundation but agree its rather pricey so will need to save up for that one!!

    Lovely choices though!

    Esther xxox

  15. Love that watch the color is so unique. I think I need it!

  16. Wishful thinking is always a nice indulgence. Really like the look of that watch!

  17. Loving your wishlist! Everything looks gorgeousss :D I actually have the Marc By Marc Jacobs Amy watch and I lurve it! It's a bargain compared to everything else on your wishlist so why not haha :)

  18. gawd, i drool over smythe everytime but can't stomach the price tag. saw "The great caper" from jcrew... pretty similar except grey PLUS sale!

  19. Aldo carries something similar to the C.L Daffodil!'s......btw check out my current Giveaway :

  20. OMG seriously cant decide if i love the wedges more or those heels!!! Great choices!!!! xx

  21. Dealuxe (a Canadian version of Shopbop) carries Smythe and they currently have the cape you're coveting: The price is still steep at $446.50 but maybe if you ask Santa nicely...

    I have my eye on Smythe's plaid riding jacket, Burberry's round contrast dial watch and Mulberry's large Evelina satchel. Now I just need a winning lotto ticket to make my dreams a reality!


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