Saturday, December 17, 2011

Girly Blouse & Winter Shorts - an outfit post

By now you all probably know that I can't resist a nude blouse. This one has a soft and comfortable jersey body, delicate ruffle detailing with silk chiffon at the shoulders and chiffon semi-sheer sleeves. Love.
I love pairing delicate feminine tops like this with a not so feminine bottom - in this case, dark grey shorts!
Since it's below 0 outside, opaque black tights are a must underneath. Add some winter-proof ankle boots, a fun necklace and that is my outfit for the evening :)

blouse - bought at Winners, and the brand is something I can't even read, something I've never heard of. I found something similar here (similar detailing at the shoulders, and comes in different colours!)

necklace - no brand, from a jewelry stand in Arizona

shorts - Guess

opaque black tights - DNKY from Nordstrom

silver bracelet - Pandora

My ankle boots are by Miss Sixty, and they're one of my favourite fall/winter shoes. I bought them in 2009 and have worn them so many times! This exact style is no longer available but they have a very similar pair here if you're interested in something like this.

Hope you're all having a great weekend :)



  1. Fantastic boots. They look great with the dark tights and shorts. You are so stylish.

  2. Love these boots!

  3. Love the blouse! It looks so pretty, simple and girly!

  4. You look great.. lovely outfit.. x following!

  5. Sorry I was already following.. lol x

  6. the outfit looks great! I love wearing shorts in the winter with tights! it makes me feel not as bitter about the cold wintery months! haha.
    and the top is perfect material and cut :)

  7. I LOVE the blouse...gotta love winners!

  8. omg those boots!! <3!!!!
    (am just catching up with your posts that ive missed over xmas period! Prepare yourself I may look a bit stalkerish with my comments!)

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