Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Revlon Lip Butter vs. other sheer lipsticks of the world

Revlon released their new "ColorBurst Lip Butter" lip products in North America a few weeks ago - started off in the USA but they have made their way into Canada now. I'm assuming they'll make their way across the ocean some time early next year.

Everyone seemed to lose their marbles over them.
I'm talking people were hauling like 10 of them in one sitting, displays across the continent were raided within days, etc. I'm a fan of Revlon's regular ColorBurst lipsticks and glosses so I figured I should give these "lip butters" a try. I found them at Superstore, the display looked normal and intact with every shade in stock; maybe because it's a grocery store and people don't really go in with lip products in mind, so check that out first if you're in Canada... they're $8.99 there. The colour I picked up is "Creme Brulee", a wearable beige/brown-based nude. It was the one I knew for sure I would wear the most out of all the other offerings.

Aaaaaand I'm here to tell you to take it easy and don't run over that old lady in the parking lot on your way to raid the display because...
*takes deep breath and prepares to run for cover*
they're really not that special.

Let me start by getting the main thing that bothers me about them off my chest - their name. I'm not sure about you, but when someone tells me "lip butter" I instantly imagine a creamy, hydrating, soft-textured item. Something that improves the condition of my lips and makes them soft and moisturized after it sinks in. The Revlon "lip butters" do none of that.
They're basically a semi-sheer lipstick with a glossy finish. They don't leave your lips any more hydrated than they were when you first apply it, so don't be misled by the name. They actually made my lips feel rather dry after the initial glossiness fades.

Now considering them a sheer lipstick with a glossy finish, which is what they actually are, I thought I'd compare the texture, finish and application with other similar lip products I already own.

So, from left to right we have: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Evasion ($32), 17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Beehive (UK drugstore product), Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee ($8.99 at drugstores & more), YSL Rouge Pure Shine #26 Natural Beige ($30) and Dior Addict lipstick in Singulier ($28).

Packaging-wise, the Lip Butter without the lid reminds me of the Dior Addict design with the sleek silver, which is nice.

Scent-wise the Revlon smells like some sort of dessert with a hint of plastic, YSL smells like peaches/melon, Chanel smells like roses, Dior has absolutely no scent and the 17 lipstick smells like plastic.

Colour-wise, the Creme Brulee Revlon Lip Butter is most similar to my YSL Rouge Pure Shine in #26. The YSL glides on a bit more smoothly and is a touch more glossy as you can see in the photo.

Now let's see them all against each other:
From left to right - Dior, 17, Revlon, YSL, Chanel.

The pigmentation of them is all good, but keep in mind that different colours in the ranges may be more sheer/more opaque than others. The ones I happen to own all are quite comparable (since I'm not exactly the most adventurous when it comes to lip colours as you can tell!)

If I had to rank them from most pigmented to least I'd say:
1. YSL #26
2. Revlon "Creme Brulee"
3. Chanel "Evasion"
4. Dior "Singuliere"
5. 17 "Beehive"

In terms of smoothness of application, Dior Addict and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine win hands down. They are also the least drying. You can see that they applied smoothly and evenly on my hand while the Revlon, 17 and YSL went on a bit more uneven and grainy in some parts.

top to bottom: Dior Addict, 17 Mirror Shine, Revlon Lip Butter, YSL Rouge Pure Shine, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine
YSL Rouge Pure Shine is the most glossy, followed by the 17, Dior, Chanel and Revlon who were all pretty even in second place.
In terms of drying-ness (totally not a word but you know what I mean), Chanel Coco Shines and Dior Addict are the least drying and left my lips rather comfortable throughout. The other 3 (Revlon, YSL and 17) all leave my lips slightly dry as they wear out - I'd recommend applying a lip balm and then the lipstick as you reapply throughout the day for the best results.

So, there we have it - my take on the uber popular Revlon Lip Butter.
I think it's a good product, especially in terms of price and colour selection. It performs well against its more high end counterparts - but if you are like me and prefer quality over quantity, treat yourself to a Dior Addict/Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick instead for a similar effect but superior performance... or maybe add one to your Christmas list :)


  1. Finally! Someone else who doesn't understand the hype behind these lip butters! I was watching a guru who bought 14 out of the 20, LOL like seriously?

    1. So many gurus are really just shopping addicts.

  2. I will gladly take a single chanel lipstick over 50 revlon lip butters ;)

  3. Wow I had no idea people were that crazy over them. I like the colors.

  4. The Revlon ones look pretty, but I don't understand how everyone has went mental over them! I don't know how many videos popped up in my subscription box about them. They haven't been released her (yet) so I can't judge them but I'd rather have a Chanel or Dior lipstick. I love them to pieces :)

  5. Thank you for this post because I was going to check them up based on the name but now that you have explained it. I will walk not run :)

  6. I agree 100%! I LOVE my Ruge Coco Shines! I would also rather have one Chanel instead of many drugstore lipsticks. This is a terrific post! Thank you! Vanessa

  7. I am one of the people that went crazy over these. I really like them, I don't buy high-end lip products, and these perform really well for the price and the quality in my opinion, even though in Canada they are much more expensive than they are in the US. And I love the colorburst line, I heard they may be discontinuing the regular colorburst lipsticks which saddens me.

  8. Good to hear...I have walked by the display of these lip butters in Ulta numerous times and seriously thought of picking one up...I'm glad I didn't!

  9. It's nice to see another opinion from the majority. I can't wait to try those lip butters but I think I'll wait for a sale as they seem pretty pricey for sheer lipsticks. Thank you for your honest opinion and for the detailed comparison post x

  10. @ Justine - we talked about them before together :) I agree that they totally are great if you are on a budget since there really isn't anything like them on the drugstore market at the moment (the other drugstore product that is similar and that i feature in this post is sold in the UK only, I believe). The name and the moisture claims bother me to no end though!

  11. This is the first review that is saying that these might dry lips. So far I have read reviews where these lip butters have been praised. Thanks for the review!

  12. thank you for the review --i haven't heard anybody not like them yet. not worth the hype then i suppose

  13. @ Erica - they are worth the hype if you have been looking for something similar and didn't want to splurge on anything high end. they are quite unique in the drugstore realm.

    @ Miss L - some reviews I watched on YouTube mentioned the drying as well (like Lisasz09) so it's just something to keep in mind. we all react to products differently so it might actually moisturize for you, i just personally think that they shouldn't be marketed as lip butters :)

  14. Everyone else seems to be hyping up this product, and I've been quite despondent that they're not available in Australia as of yet. This was such an interesting review. I like that you addressed the moisture issue since most people keep raving about how hydrating these are. Will tread with caution once I do see these at the shop.

  15. I also grabbed Gum Drop at superstore and I totally agree with you. Even though it's "decent" Im not sure how it's a "lip butter"'s just a lipstick with a glossy finish like you said!

  16. thank you so much for your review! I live in Switzerland and saw all these ladies hyping the REvlon Lip Butters. So I got really sad because I cannot buy them right now where I live. It is good to know that it is not as good as everyone seems to make me think!

  17. Wow! I think this may be the first post that I completely disagree with. I love your blog and usually love everything you recommend. The name could have been better but I think the lip butters are freakin fantastic. I am a Chanel girl myself but I love these. I ended up buying four (buy 1 get 1 50% off). The darker ones are so pigmented but wearable. I love lollipop and red velvet especially. I think they are much easier to wear than a normal lipstick.

    Love your blog!

  18. This is a great post because I have been seeing so many rave reviews for the lip butters and was wondering what I was missing out. You compared it to 3 diff lip products that I actually have - in the same colours too, so this was a great comparison for me!

  19. @NicNac maybe the more pigmented ones are better - I have nothing bad to say about their ease of application and I agree that these types of lip products are easier to use than other lipsticks, my main issue with it was that it was drying on my lips and I have other products I would rather repurchase over these. thanks so much for your input and for reading my blog :) xx

  20. I have the same feeling about it!
    I just dont understand what is so special about those lip butters! Finally some other point of view..

  21. This is the best review on the lip butters I've read so far! Thanks!

  22. i knew these were overhyped! my bff and i had a twitter war over her buying 16 of them!!!!!! she returned 6 and now regrets having the rest that she kept! by the way, i saw this and thought of you!

  23. omg, i am so happy you wrote this blog post! they are okay but not moisturizing at all! in fact they dry my lips out too!

  24. Yeah, I also don't think they are really that special either. The sheer ones are like a squishier version of Nivea tinted lip balm (minus a glossy sheen) while the more pigmented one just seems like a good cream lipstick (albeit a well-formulated one). I would probably like them better/not expect too much for what they are if they weren't so hyped...

  25. i'm so glad you posted a 'balanced' review on the revlon lip butters. they haven't arrived in australia yet but watching latest YT videos people in the US are going CRAZZZY over it!!! and the one YT who said they were "ok but were that great" was fully attacked over it.

  26. I agree! I succumbed to the hype; I travelled to three different drugstores....figured I must buy three when I finally found them, and then felt very disappointed when I finally got home and tried them on. They have some glide on the lips but actually feel strangely dry and smooth at the same time. I feel like they accentuate the dry cracks in my lips. They actually feel like they shrink my lips. Yet, I don't hate them. I do appreciate the lack of scent and taste. But I do love my Coco Rouge...

  27. See my beauty blog review on the lip butter I choose, Crème Brûlée.

    I don,t get the hype either...

  28. Agree with everything you said. As you may (or may not) know, I'm Canadian, but live in London, UK. I was DYING to get home & try these, but when I ripped it open in the car I was left a bit like "is that it?" I DO LIKE IT, but why everyone was getting all worked up is beyond me! xx

  29. love all the shades!
    following :) x

  30. I always use lip butters of revlon brand. The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need.)
    Wow! Beautiful blog and I really enjoyed on your blog.

    Murano Glass

  31. Love the honest review. Mine actually went all goopy after a short while, and it made twisting them up and down really messy, I threw it away. It was not hydrating or moisturizing, like you said, and the colour really did not last at all. Worse than your regular lippy. I really do not understand the hype.


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