Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yep, I'm writing about my underwear

This post might border into "too much information" territory but I'm stepping into it anyway.
For the past couple of years I kept hearing about Hanky Panky underwear and I brushed them off. The words "overpriced" "one size fits all? really?" and "what a silly brand name" often came to mind.

Until one day, after a fit of anger because none of the underwear I had in my drawer seemed to be comfortable or seamless enough for a particular outfit, I caved and ordered a pair of the Hanky Panky lace low rise thong.
First let me tell you, I'm a "lacy cute boy shorts" kind of girl. I always buy them in a myriad of cute prints 3 for $30 at Victoria's Secret. I find them flattering and cute. I am not a "thong" girl. I wear those when I have to but I do not enjoy it, I just find them uncomfortable. Some of them cut at unflattering areas of the hip, etc.
The Hanky Panky thongs are SO comfortable. They wear and wash well and I have just purchased my 4th pair. At $18 each they're pricy and there are similar panties on the market - La Senza and Victoria's Secret tried to make "dupes" of it but I owned both versions and they don't hold up after multiple washes and dryer tumbles, nor are they as comfortable as these.

This is the pair I just got in today, I order mine from Shopbop (link to them here).
Sometimes you can get lucky and find them on sale at Nordstrom/Saks/Neimans outlets.
They come in many different colours, and they are one size fits all. They don't cut off at any unflattering part of the hips, they don't have seams showing through, and I just love them!

I figured with holiday party season looming and any sort of tight dresses/skirt options out there, I should mention that these are definitely worth a try. Especially if you're a "thongs are the devil but sometimes I have to" girl like me.

Hope your day was less rainy than mine!


PS: I had lots of requests to do a Facebook Page so I did - I figured it will be a great way to streamline new updates on both my YouTube Channel and the blog. Some people don't know I have both, some don't like subscribing to too many things, etc... so I figured it was good to have. I will post mini beauty product thoughts on there as well since sometimes I feel like I pollute my twitter feed with too many obsessive product rants.
Link to the page is here


  1. Great post and I'm so glad you shared this, it's not TMI hehe. I've always thought Hanky Panky seems over priced but it's worth it if they're that comfortable and good quality. Plus they're sexy lol


  2. I don't know where I was (under a rock, maybe?) but I didn't know about that online store and I'm so glad you mentioned it!!

  3. Actually free shipping is for US and Canada orders only, for the rest of the world you need to spend over 100$... Not cool!

  4. oh why everyone is too shy when it comes to underwear??? :D :D i love your blog and your you tube channel!thanks for sharing,it was really useful because some clothes are totally useless without the right pair of underwear!!

  5. @ Raphaelle - oh yes sorry I forgot! will edit it out. that site is like a drug and I always end up spending over $100 anyway *blushes*

  6. I'm definitely a "thongs are the devil but sometimes I have to" gal too. One of my best friends only wears thongs and hates everything else. I don't get it. Maybe I'll finally try out the Hanky Panky...

  7. Hanky Panky's are my fave! I've been buying them for years. I stock up every year during Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as they have them at a great deal.

  8. I love the Hanky Panky ones soo much! I almost never wear any other brands anymore. Maybe some Victoria Secret that are like the Hanky Panky ones buyt they really don't compare in quality =/

  9. Heads up, the low-rise thong in cayenne is on sale for $13.50 on shopbop right now. Just that colour though...

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