Thursday, January 12, 2012

Studs and Coats

I'm getting really creative with these post titles, aren't I?
Joking aside, there isn't really a whole lot more I can tell you about today's outfit. It's freakishly warm here for being in the "dead of winter" - in previous years we'd be buried in snow and freezing rain by now but this year it's uncommonly warm (here comes grandma Sandra talking about the weather again). I'm just not used to this above freezing temperature in January thing, so today I busted out a coat that's usually reserved for early fall times.

It's a coat by Guess that I've owned for many years and it's still holding up so well! While I've been eyeing my next coat to buy (it's been about 2 years since I've purchased one and it's time), it's not really a bad thing to "shop my closet" so to speak and enjoy what's already there and has been there for years. 
I paired it with shorts, opaque tights, some gold and silver accessories and a funky mustard-meets-lime coloured sweater! Some details:

Sweater - Forever21 (you can always find simple, good ol' basics in their knit top section here)
Blouse - H&M (old)
Bracelets - Pandora, Forever21, Anthropologie

Shorts - DKNY
Tights - H&M
Nail Polish - MAC Light Affair

And, of course, the trusty black studded "Wink" loafers by Dolce Vita. They still have 2 sizes left on the Nordstrom website here and they're 50% off, if you're interested. I clearly love mine very much :)

--- edit: they now seem to be sold out on Nordstrom but they are available in Pink and on sale at ASOS here and the black ones are still available on the Bloomingdale's site! yay!

That's about it for me today, I purchased a couple of new skincare items in the hopes of calming down my skin - I am having some sort of irritation/reaction to something. I am experiencing redness like never before, and some breakouts which are now on their way out thanks to my trusty La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. So, any anti-redness skincare items you recommend, throw them my way!

Hope you've had a wonderful week... I am ready for the weekend, is it Friday yet?


  1. absolutely love your shoes!
    kisses from prague

  2. So funny. A lot of cold places are unbelievably warm this year. Seattle, however, is experiencing unusual chill :O(

    Lovely outfit. I like your coat and your studded shoes.

  3. I love the loafers! The sweater is really flattering colour on you too, on me it would look so blah.

  4. for reddness and breakouts I always grab Sudocream, for me it's a cure for literally EVERYTHING.
    What did you get ? :)

    take care XO

  5. Love the bright jumper combined with the neutrals! I actually haven't bought a proper winter coat for about 5 years and then just a few weeks ago I bought two on the same day :) I especially like my Benetton one which is a beautiful light warm grey colour.
    As for the anti-redness products I swear by my La Roche Posay Tolerian Ultra - I don't know if it's particularly aimed to help with the redness but it's great for sensitive and irritated skin, I have been using it everyday since I got it back in the summer and since then I haven't had any problems (I would usually get these odd red itchy rashes just on the top of my cheekbones and it completely minimized them). Hope you find something that helps! x

  6. This is a great look :)
    Very pretty !

  7. Love this simple and stylish outfit!

  8. Your style is always impeccable. This winter instead of coats, i love capes!

  9. I love your studded flats! Just checked on Nordstrom and they're completely sold out. Maybe I'll stumble upon them in a store..

  10. @ Siena - thank you!

    @ Girlie Blogger - I can't even believe we haven't had snow this year. I'm getting worried haha

    @ darling - thanks! I definitely need to slap on the bronzer when I wear this colour

    @ heaveninrain - oh I have sudocrem and would have never thought to use it since it makes my skin itchy too.. hmm

    @ Klara - well well I actually JUST bought the LRP Toleriane lotion, and I am excited to give it a try :) glad it works for you because i have the same itchy red patches on the cheeks that you mention!

    @Ping Glitter - definitely try a store, I saw them in the store in a pretty blush nude colour a few weeks ago!

  11. Anything with green tea for the face does wonders for redness (:

  12. AW the shoes are super hot! im really looking out for studded shoes.

    Fab outfit hun.x

    Please check out my fashion/beauty blog.


  13. I love your coat & I'm very appreciative of the nice Canadian weather this year. I think we're expecting 15 cm of snow over the weekend in Toronto though :(


  14. I love the shoes! I actually found them on the ASOS website and ordered them. I cant wait for them to arrive. Your outfit looks lovely as always

  15. @ Elisa - thanks for the heads up regarding the ASOS site! I just checked and they're only available in a pink/red colour but those are so cute as well, will post a link to them just in case others are interested :)

  16. DermaDoctor Calm, Cool and Collected is amazing! My skin is VERY sensitive and prone to redness. CC&C calms it down every time!

  17. Im not sure if this is available in Canada, but theres a french pharmacy brand called Bioscreen they have an intensive moisturiser '24 hour moisturising cream' which I use as an overnight leave on treatment to calm down any redness, its amazing! Also you mentioned somewhere that you think the bourjouis might be breaking you out, I feel like my skins going through the same thing so i've stopped using it. The last time my skin broke out like this was after vitalumier aqua!! x

  18. @bahrainbeauty - I have had the same problem with vitalumiere aqua too, but weirdly enough, the second time i tried it a few months later, i had no reaction. hmm still too afraid to purchase it though haha

  19. I'm totally feeling studs at the mo! Saving up here to make some fashion purchases - I'm thinking studded (faux) leather plus pastel colours and floaty fabrics - what do you think?

  20. Love the way u put ur pics!!

    Nice outfits too!!

    kisses from spain!

  21. love your makeup!! always watching your videos and following your blog <3 XOXO from Puerto Rico!


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