Saturday, January 14, 2012

Under-eye Concealing Combination

Last month I posted a video in which I talked about how I conceal my under-eye circles. I am still using those products and have received a few requests to do a more detailed post on them, so here goes!

The three products are:
1. Giorgio Armani Master Corrector shade #1, which I apply first in order to neutralize the purple/blue tones of my under-eye circles. I purchased mine at Saks Fifth Avenue in the US. In Canada, the only place I can think of where you can find Armani cosmetics is Holt Renfrew... or you can order online from Saks here.
2. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer shade #2, this is not available in North America as far as I know, but there are many similar products out there. I got mine in a swap from the UK - it is a product that is quite easy to find at drugstores there. This concealer isn't the greatest on blemishes since it can get a bit cakey and drying, but under the eyes mixed with the third product I'm about to show you, it works like a charm :)
3. Laura Mercier Secret Brightener shade #2 - this is a highlighter "pen" type of product, that has very very minimal coverage. I love blending it with the concealer because it makes it perfect for the under-eye area and it adds a slight amount of light reflection which makes the area look lifted and bright. Just one click of this is all you need. I got mine at Sephora.

I'd like to try the Giorgio Armani under-eye concealer as well, but for now I am working with products I already own (a theme you will see in my posts... I am really trying to use up stuff before I buy something new) and the results are keeping me satisfied. It is quite buildable, too. 

For daytime, I use a very thin layer of concealer. Here are some creepy close-up photos:
For night-time I like to build it up a bit more, and the result is nice and bright!

I like to set it with Benefit Powderflage since, as you know, I have quite oily skin.

Any under-eye products you've been loving lately? I'm underwhelmed with my Boscia eye cream and as soon as that baby is used up I think I am going back to my Chantecaille Vital Essence. It's funny how that stuff isn't even an eye cream (it's a face & eye serum) yet it worked so well for me. I miss it!


  1. I am going to try that corrector, it seems to work wonders on you and it makes such a difference!

  2. The final look is awesome! Do the products sink into the your fine lines after a few hours? I find that happens with my Laura Mercier concealer and that's just one product...


  3. I've been thinking about trying out the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector for quite a while now but haven't taken the plunge because I can't check it out in person.. You use shade #1 and I think LisaLisaD1 uses shade #2 so I just don't know what to go with!!

    I'm currently waiting to get a new concealer in the mail. I ordered Diorskin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer. I've read some good reviews so I'm looking forward to trying it out!

  4. I think it looks great but also you look great in the before pic! Not really got much to conceal!! x

  5. I've been dying to try the master corrector! The price is holding me from taking the plunge. How long has it lasted you? I've been looking for a dupe forever but for some reason, not a lot if companies make a salmon colored concealer... not as pink anyways... Love your blog and YT videos btw.

  6. @EllysMakeupbag it's such a great product, you will not be disappointed

    @coralista if I layer them thin and blend well, it stays on and doesn't look cakey all day

    @obsessions I was confused too.. I guess it matters on the shade of your under-eye darkness. if it's more greenish, the #2 is better since it's peachy. if it's more purple/blue, #1 is better.

    @Rena it will last AGES, you only need 1 brush stroke to cover the entire under-eye area. I can't see myself going through it in less than a year

  7. that corrector did wonders!!! i wanna try it soon!!!

  8. I can see the difference, not that you looked bad before.

    Btw, I nail tagged you:
    Nail Tag

  9. Nice products, the effect is amazing. I should try them out.

  10. I have some very dry patches under my eyes. What eye cream would you suggest?

  11. @Olga maybe a richer eye cream like the kiehl's avocado eye treatment will work for you :)

  12. you have such a beautiful skin *o* and such lovely eyes ^^ i think beauty blogs are not considered as important as fashion blogs, specially on blogger, which i believe is so unfair :c but it's so important to find blogs that help us feel pretty and healthy like yours! :D
    thanks for sharing your beuaty tips with us :)

    Love * Monstros no Armário

  13. I like the Chanel corrector pen! Gets rid of the veiny-ness under my eyes xx

  14. I love my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer! its my holy grail product.

    Great post love. FOLLOWED!

    Please check out my fashion/beauty blog.


  15. I love Giorgio Armani Master Corrector shade #1, I've used it under my foundation and it works!!!

    (I'm just starting out, and I would love it if any one would checked it out and gave me any suggestions)


  16. i love Armani cosmetics. Im impressed with your technique for hiding under eye darkness.
    follow my beauty blog all about sexy little things..:)

  17. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very oftenRhonda Allison Pumpkin Cleanser

  18. Super fin og personlig blog du har dig :) Måske du ville tage dig et kig forbi min og melde dig som fast læser, hvis du bryder dig om bloggen?


  19. I recently bought a mac concealer which is too dark so I am thinking of mixing it with a light reflecting under eye concealer rather than it going to waste. Do you think this will work? It's only one shade too dark and I'm not really in the know about under eye products! You conceal really well honey, it's a skill hehe xxx

  20. Thanks Sandra, I will look for and try the Kiel's avocado eye cream.

  21. What lipstick are you wearing in this pic? Looks gorgeous!

    1. Mademoiselle by Chanel! with some Dior #137 gloss on top

  22. These are lovely shades of under eye color. I love these shades. Every shade is looking beautiful.

  23. An eye concealer can really be handy in the sense when there is stress immediately dark circles form and that is very bad for the make up to look good if they are not hidden.These are very nice shades but one has to make sure that they suit the skin tone they lipstick

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