Saturday, February 18, 2012

All sorts of amazing... the Veda Jasper Jacket

I'd like to present you with my current clothing crush; and like my previous one from a couple of months prior, it has leather sleeves... I never got to satisfy that leather sleeve fixation I had.
I was in the process of ordering a gorgeous leather sleeved sweater in December when I kept getting postal code entry errors, then my size sold out. Worst. Luck. Ever.

So I am back to my leather sleeve love, as seen here on the Jasper jacket by Veda.

I saw a similar jacket by the same brand featured on one of my favourite fashion blogs The Man Repeller, but by the time I had crawled under a rock to search for it, it had sold out.

Fun fact: the one she got a couple of seasons ago and is wearing so beautifully here retailed for $398. This one, although shorter, costs almost double now *evil glare*

Anyway, that won't stop me from stalking it like a vulture until
a) I find something similar in New York
b) I get distracted by something shiny
c) it goes on sale
d) I cave

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.


  1. I think that this is one of these pieces that I always love after a while and then they are gone...Thank you for the inspiration! BTW I'm typing this next to watching TOWIE. Couldn't be more of a fashion missmatch;-)

  2. wow ! great pictures!

    come and check my contest :)

  3. I didn't realise the sleeves were leather when I first looked at the picture. Interesting jacket. It's good to have interesting pieces in your wardrobe.

  4. Your blog is sunshine and very informative with your lovely photo. Your blog layout is admirable. I wish you the best of luck. Take care.

  5. It's so cute and so bad ass. I LOVE IT. ohmygosh, see what you have done by posting such a lovely thing!

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  7. Hey Sandra, have you seen this similar jacket from Zara?

    1. doesn't do my any good, Laura - I have no Zara in a 400km radius around me, nor do they ship to Canada or accept Canadian credit cards on their US web store. boo

  8. I got a similar one for £30 at urban outfitters in the sale, good quality leather too. X

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