Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Current Ring Mix

Keeping this post short and sweet.

This is what I've been wearing on my hands lately (give or take a few nailpolish changes):

Gold band by Gorjana, a brand that I just started getting into. They have some beautiful dainty gold pieces and I'm eyeing one of her initial necklaces next. Thick silver ring that I've had for years and years - got it on a family vacation to Croatia back in the 90's so it always reminds me of being little (apparently I had big hands as a child considering it still fits haha).

My sweater is by American Apparel and it looks questionable on the website but I promise you it's not as frumpy in real life :) 

Dainty above the knuckle ring, which had been on my mind every since Laura (buynowbloglater) posted about a similar one. I got mine from this Etsy seller - she was lovely to deal with and it took about a week for me to receive my ring. She packaged it really cute too. Also, she makes her jewelry by hand in Vancouver! Always love supporting a fellow Canadian. She does have a little announcement that she is in the process of moving so ordering might take a bit longer than usual. However, if you search for "knot ring" online you will get many similar models. Mine is a size 3.5!

On my nails I am wearing A Oui Bit Of Red by OPI.

Hope your week is going well!

Until next time,



  1. cute rings! :) 

  2. That ring is's so tiny and sweet.

    Sophie x

  3. I love how you pair the gold ring and the dainty ring up. They're really cute!

    -Lily <3

  4. your polish looks flawless and glossy :)

  5. I love all of these. They're gorgeous. I would somehow be afraid of wearing an above the knuckle ring, doesn't it slip off?

  6. gorgeous combination! Also, love the nail polish, it's such a classic pure red!

  7. I'm so glad you're enjoying your ring!! Thank you for sharing my shop with your readers- I look forward to potentially creating rings for them, as well :)

    [ah, and yes! I am in the middle of moving, but it's only my e-mails that are a bit delayed: shipping/creation of the jewellery is as usual!]

    Laura [ ]

  8. Lovely :) And I love that gold band....mmm may have to check out Gorjana! :)

  9. Your little knuckle ring is gorgeous :) So cute and delicate x

  10. I love the knuckle ring, it's so cute (: x

    My Blog ~ xLittleBells♥

  11. The ring looks so cute! I might actually go get it.


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