Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rose Gold Belt

When I saw this beauty restocked on Shopbop a few days ago I couldn't resist. I posted some pictures as I was out and about yesterday and received a few questions regarding my belt so I figured it was worth a little post.

It's by a relatively new (to me) Australian brand called Nicholas. They have some beautiful pieces and this belt stole my heart when I saw it in a lookbook a few months ago. It had sold out until it recently got restocked so I had to have it.
For me, since I tend to buy a lot of "simple" pieces of clothing, something like this is a worthy investment. With it, you can revive any old tunic, shift dress, skirt, etc. and make a fresh new outfit!

Here are some photos (ruined by iPhone's questionable flash) of how I wore it on this particular night:

If you are interested, you can still find some here, available in cream and black. I have the black one in the size Small. It's meant to fit a 26" waist (the XS is 24"). I have a 25" waist so I sized up and it fits well. They have been restocking the different sizes but I am not sure for how long they will restock until they eventually sell out again! I am so happy to have this in my wardrobe and it will be featured in plenty of future outfits.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend :)




  1. I love this belt! I might have to look on their website!

  2. Such a nice belt. Love the outfit you wore it with!!

  3. It's beautiful! Goes so well with your outfit! xo

  4. That's such a beautiful piece! I never think to buy things like that that will go with everything - I do try to be more conscious of the "timelessness" of items I buy. It's hard though!! You've got great taste :)

  5. i saw a similar belt at forever 21 and i love it! it's funny, rose gold is basically gold alloy plus copper but it's so much more beautiful when called "rose gold" rather than "copper" :)


    1. haha yes!! rose gold sounds so fancy :)

  6. Your style is always so amazing!

    -Lily <3

  7. great piece, Sandra!
    You look beautiful!

  8. I celebrate the good ideas i find here every time.

  9. I LOVEEE your gold belt!
    As always, you have amazing taste ^.^


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