Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NARS Tinted Moisturizer - Review and Application

I've been using this product regularly for about a month now, and I have received so many questions about it since it's quite new to the market. I wanted to properly try it out for an extended period of time before I give it a review and here we are!

My shade: Alaska (Light2)
SPF: 30 PA+++

What NARS claims: "Infused with lush, naturally derived ingredients, this lightweight tinted moisturizer immediately helps thirsty skin feel hydrated. It has been proven to help reduce the appearance of discoloration and dark spots caused by hyper pigmentation for a clearer and brighter complexion in just four weeks. Oil-free and luxurious, it obscures the appearance of lines, wrinkles, pores and other imperfections. SPF 30/ PA+++ adds a translucent veil of protection. "

Did I like it? Yes.
Would I stay loyal and repurchase once I use it up? Probably not.

Here's the thing... while it does live up to its claims to be lightweight and to immediately help thirsty skin feel hydrated (I do have combination/oily skin and I found this to be hydrating enough to use during the day without any additional moisturizer underneath) it did not do anything to help reduce the appearance of discolouration or hyper pigmentation. I did use it on a daily basis for just over 4 weeks. It costs $49 in Canada, $42 in the USA.

The finish of if is nice and natural. Not too matte, not too glowy, I guess I can say it's a satin finish.
It does apply a bit streaky with the fingers (needs some work to blend) but I like using it with a Sigma F80 brush and I find that I get the best results that way.

Coverage: Light. I don't have a lot of tinted moisturizer experience (the only two that I had used previously were Dior HydraLife and Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint), but in terms of coverage the NARS Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer is on par with others. Doesn't offer any more or less coverage, although it is easier to work with than the Liz Earle and doesn't quite set as quickly as the Dior.

evens out the skin tone but still shows through some imperfections
The scent is very faint... slightly "lemony" and pleasant.

Lasting power - average. It doesn't matter if I powder or what I powder with, oils do break through within an hour and while they do diffuse nicely and create a radiant glow, by the end of the day there just isn't any coverage left, it would literally come off my face as I blotted any excess oils... so, not transfer-resistant at all. The NARS artist recommended that I use their NARS primer for oily skin (the one that is also supposed to reduce pores) - he gave me a sample of it and I used it with the tinted moisturizer but it didn't make any difference. 

If you have normal/dry skin or a slightly oily T-zone, you might be a bit more over the moon about this than I am. Like I said, I do like it and I think it's a nice product. It hasn't broken me out and I do enjoy using it throughout the day, especially due to its good SPF. Maybe if it lived up to its claims of helping improve skin tone over time, I would be more thrilled. 

I am going to continue using it and will definitely let you know if I see any improvements over a longer period of time. I haven't had any breakouts in a while so the marks that you see left behind in photos are relatively old so I can keep a good eye on them and see if they go down (I haven't changed anything in my skincare routine since I started using this, just so I can test out those claims).

OK, enough blabbing. I hope you found this review useful, and I do recommend you check it out and at least try it on/get a sample since as we all know, what works for me might not always work for you.
If your skin is oily, this won't impress you because of its poor staying power and diminishing coverage. It also does oxidize a slight bit on the skin after a few hours.

In conclusion, it is a good product and I don't regret buying it. If you're in the market for a new tinted moisturizer like I was, give it a shot. Just don't run out to get it (especially if you have like 3 other TMs on rotation) because it's not really that different from other TMs on the market... ya know what I mean?

Hope your week is going well and don't forget to check out my YouTube channel for a video that I did showing how I apply this product and a simple daytime look to go along with it.




  1. Thanks for the review Sandra! I've been waiting for your review on the NARS TM for awhile and I always trust your recommendations 100%! =]

    -Lily <3

  2. I'm desperate to try this before the summer :) I'm more of a Laura Mercier girl at the moment!
    x x

  3. This tinted moisturise look lovely on you, I'm planning to get tinted moisturise for summer. x

  4. Thanks for the review Sandra, I was really wondering whether this would be the one to watch. My skin type is almost the exact same as yours, so I guess I'll give it a miss! I've heard the Laura Mercier Oil-Free TM is amazing - be interested to hear if you like that more..


  5. Great review, thanks for sharing!
    I feel like I always like tinted moisturizers in theory, but then they just don't end up working for me. The last thing I want is to be worrying half way through the day if my face makeup is still there! I would rather just use a light foundation and apply sparingly :)

    xx Louise

  6. I used mine once, but I am unsure about it. I'll have to try it again some more.

    I like the Dior BB Cream a lot, but it also needs a powder to finish it, but I have noticed that my skin looks more luminous after using it.

  7. This broke my skin out, which almost never happens. I also found that it lacked staying power and my face would be so oily half-way through the day. I'm sticking with my Sheer Glow!

  8. Hey Sandra, I really enjoy ur blog and ur videos, your very real and honest. I used the NARS TM and actuallly really enjoyed it for oily skin, I combine it with Laura Mercier RAdiance primer and it lasts all day.
    Please go check out my new blog
    Enjoy xoxo

  9. I've not tried Nars foundations just because I haven't read many reviews on them but this product looks lovely on you. I'm a big fan of Nars blushers!

  10. To be honest, I never really believe the claims of foundations reducing the look of acne scars. I just don't buy it and I would prefer it if companies were more honest and focused on things which matter more in a TM such as lasting power or oil control. That's just my take on it and I don't think I'll be getting this, I have Laura Mercier and Dior on rotation right now.


  11. Thanks for reviewing this! I was thinking about purchasing but I may hold off.

  12. Sandra,
    I really love how down to earth your reviews are. Your blogs and videos are the ones I'm always hoping show up in my google reader or youtube feed!
    But my absolute favorite thing is that we have the same coloring! I am B20 in Vita Lumiere Aqua and Alaska as well! So I know that when it looks good on you, it should look good on me too!

    Keep it up!

  13. Hi Sandra! i love using Nars tinted moisturizer with Bioderma Sebium Pore refiner, I use it as a primer and the result it's awsome! I love using that primer when my skin is very oily and it works, also with foundations.

  14. I've been wondering about this. Thanks for the review. It's a little too sheer for me. I like full coverage.

  15. Just found your blog and now following, love you honest reviews of products. x

  16. Just found you blog and now following as love you honest reviews. x

  17. I have heard some really great things about this tbh i have tried a few samples and i need the real thing haha

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  19. use supergoop tinted moisturizer, benefit hello flawless foundation, or almay foundation! :) they all control oil

  20. It looks very natural on your skin, I'm definitely going into lighter coverage now that the summer months are here! You're glowing as always and I love that nail varnish too! Thanks for sharing! :)

  21. For dry skin on your face check out Apothederm
    They have an amazing moisturizing cleanser and moisturizing cream. They work better than anything else I've tried.

  22. I adore this stuff....doesn't break me out. I'm spilt and acne prone and this is a miracle for me, especially since I don't really like wearing makeup anyway. It looks very natural and gives you a glow

  23. Such a good and honest review! I really wanted to buy this but the price has always kind of set me off, and since my skin can get very oily at some times I think I'm not gonna buy it, I think I'm going for the Chanel vitalumiere aqua next time :)

  24. well you are gorgeous (and your skin) so of course it looks great on you! I have really oily skin so..... thanks for the review :)


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