Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In and Out July 2012

Here's what's been on the menu lately:


- lace shorts, lace skirts, crochet detailing... I'm obsessed. I tried these babies on in Toronto over the past weekend and made every excuse imaginable not to buy them. If they had been just a tiny bit higher waisted it would have been more flattering on my body shape.

But I still adore them.

- one eyeshadow all over the lid. I need to do a blog post soon with some of my favourite products to achieve the look. Being lazy with eye makeup can be fun after all :)

- Summer in general. Sunshine always puts me in a good mood.

- having some free time to catch up on reading/TV shows/games/music that I had been too busy to keep up with in the recent months. Any recommendations are welcome in any of those categories. Currently reading both Middlesex and The Alchemist and I am thoroughly loving both.

- dry shampoo


- despite my dwindling bank account after paying for school and some minor setbacks, life is pretty decent at the moment. Outs are out.

What are you into?


  1. So hard to find slightly high waisted lace shorts IMO :/the search continues!


  2. Hi! I like your blog, it's so cute!
    Follow me on Bloglovin: Kisses From Europe

  3. Music recommendation (just found it and I wanna share the fun): Icona Pop from Sweden

  4. I wish we were enjoying summer here in the UK :/ Sadly it's just raining all of the time X

    1. Starting to get a little better though :)

  5. The secret of scent : Adventures in perfume and the science of smell by Luca Turin. Can be a little bit of dry read at times, but if you like perfume and with a bio/chem background, you might find it interesting. And .... Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster by Dana Thomas


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