Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In & Out... and Blogust 2012


- that's right... BLOGUST. I'm blogging every day in August. It's my birthday month and I have a ton of ideas for posts.  Hope you'll stay tuned with me.

- Nude/neutral nails

- this outfit (I'm such an Olivia Palermo fangirl, I can't help it sometimes)

I've been trying to scout the internet for a similar blouse and came across this gem from Equipment. I am a sucker for a good blouse. It's a shame I'm on a self-imposed spending ban.

- makeup primers. I currently have 3 on rotation and I love them all for different reasons (Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer, Hourglass Mineral Veil, Hourglass no. 28 Primer Serum) depending on how my skin is feeling. For every day, Revlon is great in the T-zone for filling in pores. The Hourglass Mineral Veil I like for night time because it makes my skin feel super smooth and it's more lightweight. The Hourglass Primer Serum I save for when my skin is feeling unbalanced (either too oily or with dry patches... I will review this in more detail later on)

- Henri Bendel home fragrances

- guacamole

- THE OLYMPICS! I love love love the Summer Olympics, and it's been great having something exciting to watch when I come home every afternoon haha

- Alexander Wang's T by Alexander Wang Fall 2012 campaign.


- humidity... come on, man. Makes it impossible to enjoy the sunshine.

- construction

- washing my brushes. I'm seriously so lazy, but I will have to succumb and do it at some point o_O

- being a lazy bum. 

How has your July been? Any exciting plans for August? 



  1. July went by way too fast. August is Toronto woohoo!

    Blogust has given me the giggle. What a funny word!

  2. Ok that top is amaze balls! Obsessed! I see why you like it!! As far as the outs go, I HATE washing my brushes as well. I think I have been putting it off for weeks now (so bad I know, haha) No plans over here except for being lazy (which is an out.FML)LOL!!


  3. I also love the summer Olympics. Every event is exciting to watch, even the long distance runners.

    Beauty and Fashion in Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  4. I'm headed to London today so that's rather exciting :) Flying by myself for the very first time. Scared for my life. :(

    ps I'm lazy when it comes to washing my brushes too. Like pure lazy. :( I really shouldn't be though. I can't wait for Blogust. I always love reading your posts especially make-up product reviews. Keep 'em coming.

  5. I've never tried the Revlon primer. Laura Mercier, Palladio, POREfessional...they're okay. I'll have to check out Revlon seeing as I love everything else from their line. IN: bold lips, bronzer, smoothies. OUT: playing outside (it is HOT, y'all), eyeliner, meals with more than five steps to prepare. Bring on Blogust!

    1. loved your list!! definitely check out that revlon primer.

  6. Why can't brushes just clean themselves???

    1. ohhhhh man I've been asking myself that question a lot lately haha

  7. yay sandra i will be copying your blogust idea and do it on my blog too! hope you won't mind!

    jacq :D


  8. Great post! Guacamole, foundation primers, and the Olympics... essential for an excellent summer :) And I agree, this humidity needs to cut it out. Toronto summers are not supposed to be this intense!

    Good luck with Blogust! I'll be staying tuned :)


    1. I appreciate you staying tuned, Jen :)

  9. I always love ur "in" and "out" series, so entertaining. I agree with you on neutral nails and I'm HATING humidity. Will be staying tuned for your upcoming August posts.

    My most exciting plan for Aug is the birth of my first baby. I'm due on Aug 28th :D

  10. Ooh blogust sounds great! I have been loving the Olympics (yeah USA gymnastics!!), orange nail polish, and braiding my unruly summer hair haha. Sick of road construction everywhere too, why in summer ??
    xx Linds

  11. August = moving houses, long weekend in Whistler with my girlfriends, best friend's wedding and hopefully lots of sunshine and beach days!! Looking forward to Blogust.

  12. Im glad you have the same girl crush on Olivia P, alot of girls hate her (secretly jealous i think haha) and have u seen her boyfriend? yum. Im going to greece this month and shopping for bikinis everyday until haha. I also wanted to let u know I bought the alexander wang muscle tee on your recommendation and i LOVE. (outnet had some for a bargain-ous price) xx

  13. The olivia P blouse, reasonably similar blouse on the H&M website- in the UK at least X

    1. it's beautiful!! a shame h&m doesn't have online shopping in Canada. haven't seen anything like that in our stores

  14. Olivia Palermo represent perfection to me. She's just so classy and elegant, and sports every outfit with confidence!

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