Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blogust 2: Pre-Fall Dreamin'

I know it's only August but all the Fall 2012 lookbooks are coming out (and makeup collections - but that's another story) and it's making me yearn for those crisp breezy fall afternoons when you can stroll through the city with a light jacket and enjoy the day.
I have a weakness for blazers and often use them as "outerwear" when weather permits. I can never really have enough of blazers or light jackets as I think they can really add to an outfit and bring it all together.

Here are some of my favourite picks for the upcoming season:

             1. Urban Outfitters                                2. ASOS                                  3. ASOS

Zippers & Leather:

                             4. Forever 21                                                   5. byCORPUS

Small Details:

                      5. Urban Outfitters                                                       6. Urban Outfitters

What are you eyeing for the upcoming fall?

Some amazing print combinations are also catching my eye... sigh... all in due time :)

Hope your week is going well! 




  1. all of these look amazing! i'm a blazer kinda girl as well. my favs are the forever 21 and the bronzy asos one. will have to add that to my shopping trip. thanks for the great ideas! gigi. food and beauty blogger @

    1. the forever21 one is amongs my faves as well... and it also comes in black!

  2. The third and fourth blazers are my favorite!


  3. Blazers can be casual but still refined, love your picks! I just posted some items I've been eyeing for fall too :) love your feedback if you get a chance xx love from the us

  4. Awesome finds. Great, thanks for sharing this. Loving your blog. I'd love if you could visit mine? www.7wondersblog,net


    1. just followed!! love love love your blog :)

  5. i am determined to find the perfect blazer for my body type!

  6. i'm so excited for fall just because of the fashion and getting to wear makeup that doesn't melt off in this 40 degree heat! i'm on the look out now for a new pair of fall boots :)

    1. hear ye!!! I am always on the hunt for a nice pair of boots... i've been after brown riding boots for ages but every pair I fall for ends up being way out of my price range U_U

  7. That one from ASOS is fab!!

    Check out my latest blog post if you get a chance...Tempting Teal eye makeup look!

  8. Ahh... I literally want half of these... Definitely going to be grabbing 1 & 4 and maybe 5. Not good when trying to save money!

    You have a good eye though!

  9. I am in love with the Forever 21 jacket!

  10. i just ordered a vintage ann taylor red blazer for fall! so excited to wear it :) these look great!

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