Monday, September 10, 2012

In With The New...

While I've been busy trying to use up a bunch of products (a video will come soon, it's a lot of skincare/haircare), there has been a handful of new items that are making me very happy lately...

1 - Chanel Vertigo nail polish from their Fall 2012 collection. It's currently my pedicure colour. It's a murky, interesting dark grey with some purple duochrome (think of it as OPI Suzi Skis The Pyrenees and Chanel Paradoxal's love child). Some awesome swatches of it here if you are interested. It goes opaque in one coat and is easy to apply.

2 - Pai Camelia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. I ran out of cleanser and have been wanting a change. Now it's still early days since I only ordered it online a couple of weeks ago but I have loved this so much the few times I have used it, I can't help but sing its praises. The packaging is beautiful, too, and it comes with a little muslin cloth.

3 - the new Hourglass Opaque Rouge liquid lipsticks. I had the product kindly sent to me by Hourglass and I am utterly impressed. The most comfortable to wear yet opaque and matte lip colour... I have only tried the shade "Canvas" yet but there are some amazing reds/corals in the line as well.

Any new discoveries for you lately?

I'm still trying out Lancome Teint Idole foundation and a review on it will be up soon. Only problem is that my skin is still violently breaking out from something and it may or may not be that foundation. *sigh* stay tuned.

Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. I want to try that Chanel nail polish!


  2. I've never heard of Pai, I might have to check them out I've also been looking for a facial cleanser.

    Great post,
    Xaimarys ♡

  3. I've been curious about Pai, going to wait until you do a full review ;) hehe

  4. Origins Zero Oil Deep pore cleanser is amazing for oily skin, really limits de oil production and really changed my skin !

  5. Great list! I've been eyeing Chanel Vertigo polish- it looks like such a great shade! And I recently purchased Hourglass Opaque Rouge lipstick in Icon and have been loving it. Fantastic long-wearing formula and a vibrant colour!


  6. I really want Vertigo, but I'm also trying to ban beauty products for 3 months. So tough, how do you get through your beauty bans?!

  7. Burberry pale barley came in the mail yesterday and i'm excited to try that tomorrow when i will go out.sandra,pale barely is your fault!!! Ahhahah thank you,though! :* have a nice day!

  8. I got Kerastase Oleo-Relax serum lately and haven't been so impressed for such a long time , amazing stuff for fine hair
    I'm running low on my cleanser too so I may try the Pai one :) I was about to repurchase Alpha-H balancing cleanser , all time favourite, but maybe it's time for something new XO

  9. That chanel polish looks beautiful!!

  10. I really want to try the Pai products, they look awesome, and the packaging is so simple and beautiful ^^ I'm such a fan of hot cloth cleansers :)


  11. Im loving the new Giorgio Armani maestro fusion foundation. You should give it a go. Finish is lovely,glowing but not dewy or matte.I too have hourglass canvas , cant get enough of it. Must buy more colors!

  12. Been buying Pai cleanser since the company started, I was one of the avid first few! I love it and it smells gorgeous x

  13. The Lancome Teint Idole (the 24h one, not sure if that's the one your trying though - I've got super oily skin) broke me out too. I kept giving it a second chance hoping it wasn't the culprit but it was :( Should never have strayed from my ELDW

  14. That Chanel polish looks lovely.

    Sophierosehearts x

  15. Love that you are using a natural cleanser!

  16. I never heard of pai, but i love those types of cleansers! Adding that to my list.of things to try!

  17. Do you prefer using or to order the Pai Cleanser from? I thought that you used to get yours, but on this blogpost, is linked. Please let me know!! I also live in Canada & would like to order from a website where duties aren't charged! thanks :)

    1. i ordered twice so far, once from each. no duties were charged on either order. i also ordered some other stuff from the Pai site directly. since they have a warehouse in Toronto, for larger orders I'd recommend shopping through them to 100% avoid customs. however, I didn't have to pay customs from feelunique or beautybay!


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