Monday, May 20, 2013

(belated) Skincare Sunday V - I'm back!

I am back after a month-long hiatus where I finished school, worked like a maniac aaaand managed to squeeze in a trip to Romania to see family for a couple of weeks.
I am so excited to get back into gear and to blog my little heart out.

Today's (well, technically yesterday's... since this is a skincare related post) topic is a type of facial cleanser that has absolutely been rocking my world for the past couple of months.
I mentioned in a previous post that I had visited a dermatologist prior to my Silk Peel and one of the things she gave me to try was a Hydroxy Foaming Cleanser that she produces at her spa. Sadly it's only carried at her office and not able to purchase online but after getting my hands on a bottle and studying the ingredients - it's pretty much identical to the Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash.

The Dermalogica option actually ends up being cheaper than what I paid for at my med spa so rest assured I will be purchasing it soon.

Nonetheless, this post is about active ingredients and the type of cleanser - it is a gentle foaming cleanser that contains a small dose of salicylic acid combined with lactic acid. It leaves the skin feeling extremely refreshed and clean. It is most suitable for normal/oily skin types that are prone to acne and I have noticed a dramatic difference in how quick my breakouts clear out and how nice my overall skin texture has been. Especially during the summer when we all tend to get more oily, cleansers like these seem to be just what the doctor ordered (in my case... literally!)

PS: Obagi and SkinCeuticals also make similar foaming cleansers geared to maintain a clear complexion. I should also add that while these are foaming, the foaming action is very gentle and they do not contain SLS.


  1. so happy your back! i managed to watch all of your videos and reread some of my favorite blog posts while you were away! dior incognito is my new fav! along with st. tropez for summer :)

  2. Welcome back! I've never tried a Dermatologica product, but I've heard that they are really nice :) Great post!

    X Valérie

  3. Sandra, have you ever used some sort of A vitamin derivate on your skin? I also visited dermatologist couple of weeks ago and he gave me isotrex, but my skin is just dry and cycts are goig our all over my face :/ Any experience? (since we have similar skin type). I will try Dermalogica! Thanks!

  4. This is really an awesome product. I wish that I could have a chance to get the Beauty product like beauty body soap from the same brand

  5. Welcome back Sandra, your month long hiatus actually sounds kind of fun but I'm glad you're back :)

  6. I'm so glad your back but I'm sure it was very nice to visit your family in Romania. If you did any shopping over there hope you'll let us know with a post or video!

  7. Glad you're back, hope you had a nice trip :) I used to love Dermalogica products, I might try this cleanser again :)

  8. Thank you for sharing,looks a good product want to tried because have a oily skin skindirect

  9. Can you make a video or post on your silk peel?:)

    1. I did one :) check back in my skincare sunday posts - the second one was all about the peel :)

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