Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Warm Brown Realness. (FOTD)

I've expressed my slight frustration with MAC Cosmetics numerous times and this is no exception so many collections, so little time!! They sneakily released a new collection online at the end of July - Nudes and Metallics. It was available in pro stores only  (why?) in April 2013, and then it rolled out online in July. After a brief debate with some of my makeup-loving friends I ordered three eyeshadows and a lipstick - and I haven't gone a day without wearing at least one of them.

I used Body Conscious eyeshadow all over the lid (far left), followed by a mix of Exposed (middle) and Glimpse Of Flesh (far right) in the crease and outer corner. The satin texture of these shadows is great, they are pigmented and apply with ease. I never was too crazy about warm brown eyeshadows but I have been having a moment as of late. The lipstick I chose from the collection is called Wholesome (and is still available on maccosmetics.com). It is a gorgeous caramel nude colour in their Amplified formula, which I love. This looks especially beautiful with a slightly peachy or coral gloss on top!

What are some of your favourite warm brown eyeshadows?


  1. I really love your eye makeup! I'm not sure if the lipstick would suit me that well, I'm very pale :)

    X Valérie
    I'm giving away TWO custom blogger designs! :)

  2. These shades look so lovely. I love warm tones browns and orange tinted lipsticks. This one above looks like a much muted version of citrus rose by clinique which is my all time favorite thing for my lips. I hope i can still get my hands on this one tho.



  3. These all look gorgeous! My favourite is Texture by Mac, I love how it has a kind of rust/orangey tone to it :) x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  4. beautiful! :)
    I don't normally wear warm brown as they can make my flat creaseless Asian lid/socket look puffy~

  5. These colours are gorgeous! MAC always seem to create amazing neutrals, I'd love to make my own 12 piece MAC Pro Palette just for their neutrals but it'd be so expensive compared to something like Naked 2, but this has tempted me even more!

    from Emily at Sour Strawberry | UK based beauty blog x

  6. Nice

  7. A beautiful look! Suits you perfectly. Haven't tried a color like that - I have dark brown eyes, so I'm usually just dropping eyeshadows all in all - I get confused :D


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  9. These look gorgeous on you. I love, love browns! xx

  10. I love MAC eyeshadows! Bought a few yesterday and im super impressed! You look lovely!


  11. the lipstick is amazing!


  12. Your skin is gorgeous! lovely make up x

  13. Love this look.


  14. So warm and summery! I love it :)



  15. i love warm brown colors too! especially for daily looks :)

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  17. Looks good on you. Very 90's makeup though, that was too recent for me LOL.

  18. it IS early but the 90's are totally making a comeback hahaha

  19. They look lovely on you! All of my eyeshadows are shades of brown but I don't have many warm tones as they tend to look a bit funky and orange on my skin, but Exposed looks like one maybe I could experiment with...


  20. Love the make-up look! Very chic!:)

    Keep calm and stay chic,
    Witty Fashionista


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