Monday, September 30, 2013

Be Still My Heart... VINCE Fall 2013

I have been the worst beauty blogger, I know. But alas, it's a new month, it's a new dawn, it's a new day (and... I'm feeeeeeling goodddddd *sings that Michael Bublé song*).
I promise to deliver more content for you all in the upcoming fall months. Fall is my favourite season, especially early fall when I can still roll out of bed, and get ready for work without having to wear any socks. Naturally with a change in season comes the desire to change some things in my wardrobe. I have made some damage at J Crew, Zara and Aritzia thus far... and the new Vince fall/winter stuff has stopped me in its tracks, these two looks in particular:

Excuse me while I go get a mop to wipe away the pool of drool I have just created on the ground. If I could somehow encapsulate my fall 2013 style in two photos, that would pretty well be it. I love the layering, the textures, the dark hues and those gorgeous pointed pumps (I'm still on the hunt for a perfect pair). You can browse the new Vince offerings here and weep at the prices with me. All I can do is feel incredibly inspired for the next season :)

What have you been craving for fall?



  1. LOVE that sweater and skirt combo, and also easy to do with those summer dresses! Better than stuffing them into storage for the whole season! :)

  2. *drooling as well. Vince always seems to nail minimalism, while still being glamorous. Can't wait to see what else you recommend for fall. It usually happens that when you buy something, I go hunting for it. haha

    I am loving leather: jackets, leggings, heeled ankle boots...etc, this season.

  3. Awesome. Thank you! They look so comfortable, always a requirement with seasons.

  4. Beautiful and the scenery is fantastic

  5. LOVE your fashion posts/videos Sandra! Excited for your fall posts!

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  10. Fall is the best season of year <3
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