Monday, December 16, 2013

Love at first try: Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream

I get so excited when I try a new product that surpasses my expectations. It doesn't happen often since I am so critical of most things I try but every once in a while there is a ray of sunshine… and this post is about one of them.

I was in Toronto over the weekend and my friend took me into Jacob + Sebastian. The store was gorgeous (alert, Toronto girls, alert - they carry Oribe hair products too), the staff was friendly and I got to check out some niche brands that I don't get to experience in person very often. I was so excited to see that they carried Aesop. Aesop is an Australian skincare brand that I had heard about from various bloggers I follow from the UK. Being in the midst of a snowstorm, my lips were in dire need of rescue so I settled on the Rosehip Seed Lip Cream and it was love. 

I love the aesthetic of the Aesop brand and this little tube was no different:

The texture is that of a light moisturizer. I dab a bit on my finger and apply it on my lips. It has a pleasant herbal scent and it sinks into the lips almost instantly, leaving them feel plump and moisturized. There is zero emollient/greasy/waxy feeling left behind… it just simply leaves the lips feeling plump and smooth. I want to just keep applying it all day long! It makes a perfect primer for lipsticks since it doesn't have any shine and it leaves no residue on the lips. It sinks in like a skincare product and hydrates from within. Jacob + Sebastian is located on Queen St. West in Toronto as well as their new location in the Distillery District.

Long story short - you need this. It retails for $15 and Aesop is available on Amazon, at Barney's, Space NK as well as on their official website

Now please excuse me while I throw out all my other lip balms in the garbage.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

NARS Biscayne Park

I can't stop won't stop wearing this lip combination. It's comfortable, it lasts well, it's flattering and it just plain makes me feel great. I've sang its praises on YouTube and now it's time to take it on to this medium as well.

*drum roll*

Chanel lip liner pencil in Rose Poudre (link)


NARS Satin lip pencil in Biscayne Park (link)


I'm obsessed.

The two come together to melt into a warm peachy slightly rosy nude lip with a hint of shine from the NARS pencil. The Chanel lip liner adds dimension to the lip and enhances the lip line while NARS Biscayne Park just steals the show and makes me happy.

If you have a light/medium skin tone with warm undertones and love a nude lip that doesn't make you look like you crawled out of the grave, Biscayne Park will be a winner. I'll be wearing this combo well into the new year. What about you?

Have you tried NARS Satin Lip Pencils? Do you have a favourite combination?


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