Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cleansin' Wednesday: Ole Henriksen On The Go Cleanser Review

It's Wednesday and I'm still cleansing!
Welcome to Cleansin' Wednesday, an (almost) weekly installment on this blog where I thoroughly use and review a key component of every woman's beauty routine - the cleanser!

This week's subject is from Ole Henriksen. Ole Henriksen is quickly climbing the charts to be one of my favourite skincare brands. I am totally impressed with their Lemon Flash Peel and currently testing out the Ultimate Lift Eye Gel, but let's not get too off track and focus on cleansing. 
Ole's On The Go Cleanser ticks all the boxes for me. It's a light foaming gel geared towards normal/combination/oily skins, has a gorgeous citrus scent and keeps the skin feeling refreshed and thoroughly clean without feeling stripped. It is great at taking makeup off (when used in conjunction with a cleansing cloth or Clarisonic) but my preferred time to use it is in the morning since it has such a pleasant invigorating citrus scent. It contains Vitamin C, helps brighten the skin. While it doesn't work any wonders by itself on hyperpigmentation, adding this cleanser to your routine will certainly not hurt.

Would I repurchase? Absolutely. Especially for summer, this is a treat to use when you're feeling greasy and gross. 

Only downside? I prefer pumps/tube packaging for cleansers since otherwise things can get a bit messy.

You can find Ole Henriksen products at Sephora (that's where I order from!). They usually have samples of their stuff available at checkout, which is a nice way to get into the brand. I have a pretty hefty wishlist growing...

What's rocking your skincare boat at the moment?


  1. It sounds really awesome. Great review!

  2. I love cleansers and lotions with Vit C! Thats one thing that totally brightens as it says! This looks promising! Will try and get my hands on it!

    Recent makeup Changes Review& FOTD | TheConscienceFund

  3. Love the sound of this product with Vitamin C - I need a Sephora haul!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  4. Sounds like a real winner! I'm using a cream cleanser from a Swiss cosmetics brand at the moment. I love everything about it except that it stings my eyes a bit.

  5. I've been wanting to try this for a while now! Thanks for posting a review. I'll definitely going to buy it now!

  6. that looks yummy, I have seen it but never tried this brand, I will probably try out some samples next sephora trip!

  7. Lovely post dear and I prefer sample sizes to decide whether to get the full sizes or not.....xoxoxo....^_^

  8. Sounds like the perfect summer cleanser for morning! Ole Henriksen products always smell incredible :)



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