Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fashion: Skirting The Issue

You can stop rolling your eyes at the generic title of this post now, I'm trying here!
Since summer has officially arrived I can't stop thinking about skirts... okay, and the 250 (!!) new emoji coming out next month but let's get back to the skirts for the time being.
There are so many gorgeous skirts on my wishlist right now I think the only way to get them out of my system is to share them with you - so here goes:

1. ASOS Skater Scuba Skirt (black) - $60 buy here
2. Pencil Skirt w/ split hem (black) - $40 buy here
3. ASOS Midi Scuba Skirt w/ sheer panel (black) - $75 buy here
4. Tibi Eyelet Skirt (cream)- $338 buy here
5. ASOS Tropical Print Skirt (floral) - $70 buy here
6. Pleated Midi Skirt (peach) - $57 buy here

Do you wear skirts more often in the summer? I never used to wear them aside from the original pencil skirt but this year it's all I seem to be lusting after! Do share some of your favorites with me :)




  1. Haha, I love a good punny title! I need to be wearing more skirts this summer- love the look, but I get lazy :) All of these picks are lovely! ox


  2. Love the asos scuba skirt!


  3. I definitely wear more skirts in the summer, but they are usually shorter skirts. Maybe I should try a skirt like the ASOS Scuba Skirt. Thanks for the idea

  4. cute! i've been digging the circle skirts lately. they're so much more comfy than the pencils. here's a recent purchase i've been enjoying:

    thanks for sharing!


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